Mailchimp Pricing Plans 2024: An ultimate Guide with Plans features

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Last Updated: February 12, 2024

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Which according to you is the number one Advertising platform for marketers and for every other business? Whenever discussion begins regarding Email marketing or advertising, the name Mailchimp software comes to mind. In our entire business quest, we found Mailchimp only the most preeminent and generous one for business. It’s true because we are also operating an extension of it that we will discuss later on with you. First, the motive for writing this article is to open up the hidden features of Mailchimp Pricing plans for this year. 

What is Mailchimp Software?

In very precise words, this email marketing tool can streamline your business platform with the ultimate features of email marketing. How about Marketing campaigns, social media branding, and paid advertising? Such exceptional features can take your marketing work to the next level and no one wants to miss the awesome chance. Hone your goals via the Mailchimp platform by getting these features. And one of the most compelling and top-grade features is “Email automated promotion”. That’s wonderful! 

How many Mailchimp Pricing Plans are there?

Let’s break down all the Mailchimp pricing plans here. If you are looking to go for any plan of this email marketing tool then this article is for you. There are four different plans of Mailchimp.

  • Free Plan
  • Essentials Plan
  • Standard Plan
  • Premium Plan
MailChimp Pricing Plan
Free Essentials Standard Premium
Up to 2,000 contacts
1 audience included
Up to 50,000 contacts
3 audience included
Up to 100,000 contacts
5 audience included
200,000+ contacts
Unlimited audiences
Marketing CRM All Email Template Customer journey Builder
+ Branching Points New
Advanced Segmentation
Creative Assistent New multi-step journeys Send Time Optimization Multivariate Testing
Website Builder New Custom Branding Behavioral Targeting Comparative Reporting
Mailchimp Domain A/B Testing Custom Templates Role-Based Access
Forms & Landing Pages 24/7 Email & Chat Support Dynamic Content Phone Support
per month
per month
per month
per month

You are curious to know Mailchimp software prowess and we guided you in our previous blog. Now let’s study together in-depth about this email marketing cost. Let’s dive into the pool-

Mailchimp Free Plan

Whenever we read “Free plan” we don’t waste much time and use that business plan. But if you need this one of Mailchimp then we want that you should be well aware of its features. 

When you have this plan you can see that up to 2000 users can assign-up to your email easily. Keep in mind: that you can send 10,000 emails in a month with this plan. How about getting the CRM software service?

Mailchimp is considered one of the free HubSpot alternatives because of the features that you get in the free plan.

Might be surprising for you because the plan is free of cost but genuinely, you will get the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) service. While using this feature, you are allowed to create contact profiles. A holistic way to monitor customer history properly. 

If the small business entrepreneurs are paying attention here then we would say that this email marketing cost plan could make sense. You can strive for the function of Mailchimp Website builder as well. 

Mailchimp Essentials Plan

This one is not free but we hope that it surely gives you the best way to run a business with astonishing speed. The name of this plan is “Essentials”. Why should we spend our saved dollars on this Mailchimp pricing plan? Here we go-

You go for this plan and you have the ability to send up to 500,000 emails in a month. How amazing that would be if you get access to entire Mailchimp Email templates? It’s a big opportunity for everyone to craft your email via 100 of creative molds. Moreover, place your brand and logo here if you think that it is required. 

A/B testing is most important for your business activity and that is why we want users to adopt this advanced plan of the Mailchimp platform. It’s easy for you to test two different emails for effectiveness. Also, send a few emails to your half-customer and the rest of the email to other customers. A better way to reckon the response of both emails. 

No doubt, a time can come when you face trouble regarding this plan. There is always 24/7 chat support for your assistance. A technical support team of this email marketing tool will guide you and take you out of the hustle. The Mailchimp Pricing of this plan starts from $9.26/month

Mailchimp Standard Plan

If you want to upgrade your plan from Essentials to Standard then you get some interesting and top-notch functions that you never get before. Of course, it is expensive in comparison with the Essentials plan but you need to first focus on the functions that you will get. Please judge based on features for your marketing enhancement. 

Get the ability to send 1.2 billion emails in a month to your contacts or to your prospects. Email template feature is there. We know that you will say that same feature you are getting on the Essentials plan. The difference is the Standard plan allows you to customize and build your own template whatever you like. Sounds great! Make your business identity by yourself. Present the template that easily catches the user’s attention. 

The hidden functionality of the Standard plan is “Send Time Optimization”. Do you know about it? Let’s explore: you will analyze when your customer opens up the email. Also, you get a complete picture of what is the best time to send your business emails to all of those. Sending an email at the perfect time is a plus point to maintaining a relationship with them. 

What is stopping you from altering your content over time? If not getting this feature anywhere then this Mailchimp Pricing plan called Standard will offer you the functionality of “Dynamic Content”. This plan’s pricing starts from $13.83/month

Mailchimp Premium Plan

An expensive plan of this software with a contact limit of 200,000. Before we go and share the price of this plan, allow us to share a comprehensive overview of this exceptional pricing plan of trending email marketing tools called Mailchimp. With a Premium plan, users can send 3 million emails/ per month to their audience. 

It gives you the best feature called Multivariate Testing which we must say is the best assistance for your email campaign sending process. Beyond just changing the subject line or content, this testing gives you more of such best elements to make your email more fascinating. Check out what is outstanding for your campaign running via Multivariate Testing.

We have more such pieces of content to share about the Premium plan. Well, no doubt it is compatible with well-established Sales and Marketing businesses, large businesses like the Travel sector, etc. There is email or phone service support to handle your queries and will solve that swiftly. 

Whatever the information of email marketing you have this plan can compile it with the Digestible reports. How will it help you? You can share with your audience or with someone else about your performance and how you are handling everything. Makes sense! This Mailchimp Pricing begins from $276.56/month. Let’s strengthen the organization with the splendid functions of this plan. 

Turn your Marketing Campaign activity easier

We praise this Mailchimp marketing software above because we also operate a plugin in our business and we are happy with the results. We have SuiteCRM Mailchimp Integration extension. Is it worth it?

We integrate both SuiteCRM and this email marketing tool for the email campaign activity for our audience. Also, we can strive for the feature of Mailchimp in this addon. Also, email disposition is possible and an opt-out feature is there to help you. The gist of this plugin is real-time sync between Mailchimp and SuiteCRM software

Final Note

Let’s face it: the concluding part of this whole Mailchimp pricing plan is that all four are really beneficial and give you immense features. It’s not like you have to check the cost first and then decide. We know that cost matters the most but first, get in-depth about the functionalities that the plans are offering to every business size. Judging the plans on cost, later on, will be a wise decision. Above we unlock what is Mailchimp and about this email marketing cost 2024. Let’s see which plan gets more attention from the audience. 

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