Email Blast- What Is It And How It Can Be Beneficial For Businesses?

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Last Updated: July 20, 2023

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An email blast also called an email broadcast sends an email message to many subscribers in your email list i.e. sending bulk emails. This is a sales-generating strategy. Most bloggers use it to generate more traffic on their websites. It is mainly used for sending promotional messages and newsletters. However, sometimes it’s even for any other kind of updates like a new product launch or a policy change of the company, etc. For example when Netflix sends an email blast to its subscribers regarding the no screen-sharing policy of Netflix. 

Differences Between An Email Blast And An Email Campaign

Email BlastEmail Campaign
These are the same for all audiences not customized or personalized according to audiences. The main aim here is to reach as many people as possible and update them about a particular thing.This is a series of automated personalized emails sent to the segmented target audiences at specific times. The main aim here is to nurture the target audience according to their preferences and create brand awareness.

Examples of Email Blast

  • Flash Sale- This conveys the main message, urgency, pricing, and benefits. It has a call to action CTA button right in the middle. Everything is precisely written.
  • Newsletter- Newsletters are very effective in reaching the target audience. That’s why developers craft and design newsletters. The information here is also written precisely and to the point. It is created with the help of email automation tools. Subscribers get newsletters constantly for example, daily, bi-weekly, etc.
  • Webinar- Businesses conduct webinars from time to time to educate people about their brand and how their brand can help them to solve their problems and get them what exactly they are looking for. Businesses tell people how their brand is better than their competitors. They also give offers to the people who attend their webinars. People also attend webinars because they can communicate with businesses in real time.
  • New Products- Businesses launch their new products always to their subscribers. They also give offers and discounts to their subscribers on those products and services.

Benefits Of Email Blasting

  • Email deliverability and open rates are high. This leads to higher response rates and conversions in comparison to other marketing channels. You can check the success of your email blast by measuring the metrics. 
  • The entire process is very simple with no complexity involved like posting across various channels, no social media campaigns, etc. All you need is your contact list with email addresses. 


  • Recipients know that the email is generalized, not exclusively customized for them. This makes them feel that they aren’t given attention to and can lead to detachment.
  • Since these emails, arent personalized hence maximum emails can be irrelevant to recipients and will end up going into the spam.

Steps For Sending An Email Blast

How to send an email blast
  1. Build your bulk audience list

You have to first build your subscriber list by showing people relevant content and encouraging them to subscribe. Also, you can send them emails regarding exclusive promotions or early access to their new products or any kind of welcome email. You can also send them forms asking what they are looking for. This is a time taking task but it can give you great results if done the right way.

  1. Segment your subscribers.

After you have got your subscribers you have to spend time studying about them from your CRM database and studying their previous actions. You should also consider other factors like demographics and geography. Then you have to create specific groups for them based on these factors. Then you have to send drip emails to them in order to retain them. 

  1. Make the best content possible.

Content creates more impact than any other thing. Try your best to make your content stand out. Hence frame engaging content with vivid descriptions and a conversational tone. However, in your creativity don’t forget to be on point also. 

  1. Choose the appropriate email automation Software- 

Select the correct email automation tools according to your requirements and preferences. Check whether the software is providing you with the functionalities according to the price you are paying.

Best Email Blast Software

email blast software
  • HubSpot Email Marketing

This is the most popular email automation platform. It has recently launched its free email marketing tool which can be extremely helpful for small and emerging businesses. Its tools are easy to use. It has a visual drag-and-drop editor. It has many email templates. You can create a centralized contacts database with organized lists and track the performance of your campaigns.

  • Sender

It is also a renowned free email automation software. You can create amazing newsletters with it even if you don’t have any HTML knowledge. You can even personalize newsletters for each recipient. It has many templates which you can customize according to your requirements and preferences. It can track the opening and response rates for your emails. You can also build buyer profiles based on their actions. This helps to send them offers accordingly.

  • Sendinblue

It is a free email marketing software that also has customer service tools. Also, it offers landing page creation. It has many templates which are customizable. Sendinblue can be segmentation and A/B testing. It is a great option for optimizing your email marketing campaigns.

  • Omnisend 

Omnisend is a free email marketing tool that also has paid plans with more advanced features. It can integrate all your communication mediums in a single place. Omnisend sends emails triggered by customers’ behavior. It has a feature called Product Picker through which you can make amazing newsletters. You can even add discount coupon codes, gift offers, and scratch cards to them.

  • SendPulse

It is a multi-channel marketing platform with email marketing features being the most popular. It has many templates which are customizable. SendPulse follows customers’ and leads actions and sends them emails triggered by that. It also measures opening and response rates hence you track the success of your campaigns. You can also set replaceable text fields to set everything according to your company’s requirements and preferences.


When running a business you need to update your customers from time to time about new updates or the launch of your new products or services. For that, you have to send bulk emails to your subscribers. This practice is called email blast. This can bring great results if done the right way.

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