Introducing Automation concept: Why there is a need of CRM Automation?

Author Image By Ashish Dwivedi

Last Updated: December 12, 2023

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What is Automation, What is it’s role in CRM and business?

CRM software is primarily for customers. That means you are using CRM as a tool to gain more customers, improve the Marketing process, retain customers, improving the sale process, simply a lot of things daily basis.

What if the business goes rapidly, you started getting more and more new customers, at some point, you will hear a term, it’s automation, so the question arises.

Can CRM be Automated?

Well, the big question, CRM development is quite challenging, you need to spend time into the whole process. Your developer must be quite efficient in coding and consulting. So Your Answer is Yes!. So how to do it? What we did till date?

1.Email Automation: Make several routes( Leads/Accounts/Contacts) of your incoming emails, Parse them with different rules, token, Notify recipients.

2. Back and Restore Automation: Yes, you heard right!, We also did that part. It’s quite challenging but yes, we did it.

3. Calling automation: We chose Twilio for the same. Click to Call, Send SMS, see recordings any many more.

4. Campaign Automation: We call it Drip Campaigns. Your personalize campaigns for your Marketings needs. You make rules for each kind of customer. It’s Automated again.

5. Cleaning Automation: Automatically Clean elements from Interfaces based upon your choices of Class / IDs.

6. WordPress Automation: Everyone wants to create the Leads/Contact in CRM direct from a web form. WordPress automation does this for you, an admin will set the form rule and parsing rule and system auto-generate the record in CRM after form submission.

7. Button Automation: Admin can set the rule and module for the button from UI and the system will auto-generate the new button on the target module with a set of rules.

As you saw above, Automation is possible. But there are many risks and failing of matching rules may lead to your little problem and you may lose a few priorities but yes, when you get fully automated CRM, you are going to love automation.

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