Salesforce Training

Training on Salesforce

Our Salesforce Training is designed to provide a complete understanding of the Salesforce. We handle all aspects from implementation, configuration, and Maintainance of the applications. This detailed approach to Salesforce implementation will deliver a firm understanding of the following features:

  • How to build a safe and secure salesforce ecosystem for your business, modify, configure and data movement between applications. 
  • How to customize different sections of the salesforce applications tabs, layouts, fields, processes and enhance functionality with customized apps and components. 
  • How to import, export, maintain and move data.
  • How to deliver analytics of your business processes
  • How to create custom reports and dashboards
  • How to integrate complex workflows and introduce automation

With our salesforce training, you will get the right start, that your business requires and needs.

Training on salesforce
Salesforce Cloud-Centric Training

Salesforce Cloud-Centric Training

With Outright Systems bringing your team on the salesforce platform has never been easier. Even online training on salesforce and all related apps are provided in order to help you build a firm understanding and give long-lasting results on the basis of your understanding of salesforce. As an expert consultant, we possess vast knowledge of the industry, outstanding customer service, and optimized solutions that allow us to provide an ideal training module.

Salesforce User Training

The main goal of our user training is directed toward support, marketing and sales department to help them get a firm grip over the platform. you can gain a better understanding of the numerous Salesforce Clouds such as sales, analytics, marketing, and service cloud. Our training gives you the ability to utilize the potential of analytics, adding information regarding contacts, prospects, leads and create sales reports. We also give training on how to use effective tools like salesforce communities and knowledge, so that you can access the resources in the future as well.

Salesforce User Training
Developing a Salesforce

Training on Salesforce Development

Apart from development, we also give training on Salesforce development. So that you are not confused if there are any mishaps. We help you navigate between visual force, apex, and lightning and enable you to discover the salesforce platform. 

 We provide training on the following:

  • Customized triggers to set up targets in record
  • Custom lightning components
  • Surface lighting components and applications
  • Manage custom data set up
  • Lightning apps that enable users to perform several functions like search, update and read data from the Salesforce platform
  • Custom code
  • Customize from salesforce lightning design systems

We also provide salesforce certification along with the Salesforce developer training and assist you to gain a better understanding of how to use, edit and customize salesforce lightning as well as how to develop applications and customize visual force pages.

Outright Makes Salesforce Training Easier

Outrights works relentlessly to make sure that your familiarity with salesforce is easy and convenient. We deliver well planned online to ensure you get the boost you require to take the maximum advantage of the potential that Salesforce gives to improve your business operations. As expert consultants, we understand precisely how can benefit your business and we design our training modules easy to understand and implement. 

Outright Makes Salesforce Training Easier