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SuiteCRM RocketReach Integration (Lite)

SuiteCRM and RocketReach, One-way Data Sync

  • One way synchronization with SuiteCRM and RocketReach
  • Search for DMs, all employees, or via keywords
  • Create records in the SuiteCRM module with one click

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SuiteCRM and RocketReachThe one-way integration from RocketReach to SuiteCRM can empower your sales and marketing teams by providing them with the precise information of the right decision-makers. Furthermore, you can lure more and more people to pay attention to your business while easily pursuing clients. This seamless integration allows you to develop contacts and accounts list directly in the SuiteCRM. It is done by gathering real-time contact information from the RocketReach search engine. This SuiteCRM RocketReach Integration (Lite) will let you get the most out of both the applications, check the real-life example below.

Real-life Example: One of our clients is habituated to using RocketReach & SuiteCRM separately i.e. completely isolated. They used to manually feed the accounts and contacts information. According to them, the most frustrating part was how time-consuming it was. But after using this plugin, now they can search as well as save the decision-maker information directly in the SuiteCRM. The user-friendly interface and interactive layout have also helped them in easing the workflow.

Functionalities of SuiteCRM RocketReach Integration (Lite)

  1. Instantly Search and Save DM’s information: The plugin allows you to directly search and save the contact information of decision-makers in the SuiteCRM.
  2. Get all information about the person: From the search layout, you can see all emails and phone numbers i.e. both valid and invalid contact details.
  3. Social profiles of the contact person: In the search results, you will have the option to see the Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook profile, and even the personal email address of that particular lead.
  4. Create records in SuiteCRM with a single click: In just one click, a new account will get created with the name of the company and a new record in the Contacts with the information of the decision-maker.
  5. Choose criteria of the decision-makers: You can configure the settings for particular roles like CEO, Executive, etc, or search for all the top decision-makers at one time.
  6. Search the way you want: Suppose you want to search only the decision-makers of a company then we have built a dedicated button for that. And if you want to search all employees then you can do that as well in one click.
  7. Search using the keyword: If you have a keyword in mind that is somehow related to the person you’re looking for then simply enter the keyword and select search using the keyword option. It will present to you all the people who are linked to this keyword.
  8. Select custom module for creating new records: The user will have the ability to choose any module in SuiteCRM for creating new records like leads, opportunities, etc.
  9. Limit the number of search results: You can also control the number of results that will appear on the page as per your needs.

Note: DM i.e. decision-makers are the top executive of companies who hold the authority to make judgments. These top positions include CEO, CFO, COO, Director, Managing Director, President, Vice-President, etc.

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 User Guide

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 Installation Guide


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  1. Matthew Jones

    The UI of this expansion is so natural to work and the information sync is additionally quick. Worth each penny!!

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