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SuiteCRM Office 365 Calendar Integration

SuiteCRM and Outlook Calendar Synchronization

  • Sync Meetings, Calls, and Tasks in real-time across both platforms
  • Assign each Outlook calendar to separate SuiteCRM users
  • Automatically update time zone based on attendees’ locations

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SuiteCRM Office 365 Calendar IntegrationThe plugin we have developed will allow you to share the data between SuiteCRM and one of the most productive Microsoft Outlook tools i.e. Office 365 Calendar. If using this extension then all your scheduled events like meetings, tasks, and calls will be synced between both of the platforms. It means you won’t need to spend hours manually updating the same information on SuiteCRM as well as Office 365 Calendar.

Real-life Example: Josh from marketing was using office 365 calendar for scheduling meetings, on the other hand, Sarah from sales was relying on SuiteCRM for managing events. Both of them are unaware of each other’s meeting schedule and due to this, the meeting overlap became a common problem. To solve this situation once and for all, they installed the SuiteCRM Office 365 Calendar Integration plugin. After that, all meetings, calls, and tasks scheduled in the Office 365 (Outlook Calendar) were synced with the SuiteCRM and vice versa.

This tool is very simple to install and use. You can set it up and start it running within a matter of minutes. You can easily use this plugin even if you don’t have technical knowledge of APIs and data integration. We have developed this plugin by keeping the user experience at the core. Learn more about the complete functionalities of this extension.

Features of SuiteCRM Office 365 Calendar Integration plugin

  • Auto-sync meetings, tasks, and calls: Every scheduled meeting, task, and call in SuiteCRM will get synced in Office 365 Calendar in real-time and vice versa. For syncing tasks and calls from Office 365 Calendar to SuiteCRM, you only need to use identifiers like “task:helloTask” and “call: Dave” respectively.
  • Directly add attendees/guests in meetings from SuiteCRM: When scheduling meetings, there may be cases when an attendee is only available in one of the SuiteCRM modules like leads, contacts, accounts, etc. In this scenario, you add this person as a guest directly from the SuiteCRM. Even if the person is recorded in the SuiteCRM then you can simply add him/her to the meeting using the email address.
  • An Office 365 user can sync all calendars: Office 365 Calendar offers the functionality to create multiple calendars per user. Apart from the primary calendar, they can create separate calendars for holidays, meetings, etc. Using our plugin, you not only can sync each and every calendar but also assign them to the different SuiteCRM users.
    • For Example:
      • Primary calendar → Self
      • Holidays calendar → HR
      • Office Meetings calendar → Assistant
  • Sync Future events: In the configuration, you’ll have the option to sync all upcoming meetings, calls, and tasks in advance. You can sync up to either 15, 30, 45, or 60 days.
  • Auto update Time zone: In the SuiteCRM and Office 365 Calendar, the time zone of each recipient will get adjusted based on their respective location.
  • Daily Activity Report: We have tried and tested our plugin thousands of times and only after that was it delivered to you. But if you somehow encounter any problem then you will instantly get an email regarding the same. This email will comprise the possible cause and troubleshooting steps. In this way, your business will keep on running smoothly.

Download the user guide

 User Guide

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