SuiteCRM Email to Case

SuiteCRM Email to Case

SuiteCRM Case Management with Voice Alert Notification

  • Auto Create Single Thread on both sides i.e. customer as well as support agent
  • Instant Voice Alert Notification on update and create with Case Details
  • Complete LifeCycle Details available on the case detail page with the whole history and thread of emails
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SuiteCRM Email to Case

SuiteCRM Email to Case is a powerful and efficient customer support tool designed to streamline the handling of customer inquiries and issues through email communication. It empowers businesses to convert incoming emails into actionable cases in SuiteCRM, facilitating better tracking, prioritization, and resolution of customer support requests. With a range of innovative features, Email to Case revolutionizes the way companies manage customer interactions.

Real-life Example

ABC Electronics, a consumer electronics company, faced challenges in managing its customer support inquiries effectively. The company received a substantial volume of customer emails related to product issues, technical queries, and general support requests. Handling these emails manually proved time-consuming and led to delays in response times. Moreover, there was a lack of centralized channels for customer interactions, making it challenging for support agents to access historical data and provide seamless support.

Solution: Implementing SuiteCRM Email to Case

To address these challenges and enhance their customer support processes, ABC Electronics decided to implement the “SuiteCRM Email to Case” tool within their existing CRM system. The objective was to automate the case creation process from incoming emails, consolidate communication threads, and improve response times, ultimately elevating customer satisfaction.

This plugin threaded all incoming and outgoing email conversations related to each case, ensuring a centralized and accessible record of customer interactions. Support agents could now access a complete timeline of past interactions, enabling them to provide personalized and informed responses.

Email to Case’s automatic duplicate check based on email sender and subject helped ABC Electronics identify and merge similar cases.


Features of SuiteCRM Email to Case

  • Create a thread of incoming and outgoing email conversations: Once a case is created, all incoming and outgoing email communications related to that case are automatically captured and threaded together in the CRM. This ensures that the customer support agent has a complete view of the customer’s interactions and history.
  • Send and receive all types of attachments: Customers can attach screenshots, log files, or other relevant documents to their support emails. This feature handles various attachment types, ensuring that important information is never missed during the support process.
  • Generate auto increment case number with prefix: Upon case creation, the Email to Case generates a unique and sequential case number with a prefix, such as “CASE-00123” for easy reference and organization.
  • ListView Color Configuration of various statuses: In the CRM system, different case statuses are color-coded, making it visually intuitive for the support team to identify the current status of each case. You can change the text color as well as the text-background color. For example, orange for New, green for resolved, etc.
  • Case Timeline and Status Panel: 
    • Case Created On
    • Last Touched On
    • Case Reopened On
    • Case Re-Opened By
    • Case Closed On
    • Case Closed By
    • Case Reopened ( No of Times )
    • Actual Worked Time ( Timer )
  • Voice Alert Notification on Update and Creation: The support team receives voice notifications in addition to alerts whenever an update is made or a new case is created. This feature ensures that critical cases receive immediate attention. You can use Amazon Polly, IBM Watson, Google Text-to-Speech, or Microsoft Azure Text-to-Speech for this purpose.
  • Jump to the latest email message: When reviewing a case in the CRM system, the support team can quickly navigate to the latest email message within the case thread, streamlining the process of keeping up to date with customer interactions.
  • Add Internal updates: You can add internal messages in threaded conversations in the CRM and the customer will not receive email for that. This is an integral feature of internal communication.
  • Automatic contact/account and case relation: The case will be related to contacts or accounts, you can choose it as per your business flow. If the contact is already in the CRM the plugin will not create a duplicate, instead, attach the case to the existing contact.
  • Automatic case reopened by customers: If the case is closed and the customer experiences the same problem after some time. Then they can reply to the previous case resolution email, stating that the issue has resurfaced. This feature automatically reopens the case, ensuring that the ongoing support remains connected to the original case.
  • The customer can close the case: If the customer feels the case is resolved then the customer can close the case by clicking on a link in the email.
  • Check Duplicate based on email sender and subject: The plugin checks the email sender and subjects together to make sure no duplicate case gets created.
  • Complete Voice Transcription of the whole case on case close: When the case is closed, the plugin will automatically send a complete voice transcription of the email conversation to configured email address.
  • Set multiple support email addresses: You just need to configure your support email address and you’re ready to go. You can configure multiple email addresses as well.
  • Rich Text Editor: Customer support agents can use this for replying which supports inline screenshots, set text alignment, headings, blockquotes, font style, font size, text and background color, etc.
  • Fully Flexible: You can configure almost anything as per your business requirements including but not limited to re-configuring field labels, dropdowns, or row colors.

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 User Guide

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