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Supported versions: SuiteCRM 7.11.10
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Automation of Backup and Restore of MySQL Databases Using SugarCRM or SuiteCRM.


Automatic Backup, One click Restore, Automatic Retention

Importance of Database backup and recovery process!    


So you are into a business!, which runs on important Backup and Restore data, data manipulated the whole day.

It does not matter of fact how big you are, data is important.


Why do you need Database Backups?


Information is the backbone of any business process. So it becomes essential to backup company data. In the case of data loss companies can incur a lot of damage in terms of revenue generation. With the help of the database, backup restore manager companies can recover lost data and make corrections in case something goes wrong.


Some key features of the database backup restore manager:


1.  Automatic Database Backups

Data can be stored in zip format in any secure location or can be accessed from any  remote location

2. One-Click Data Restoration

Recovery has never been easier, data can be recovered from any secure location with a single click. You don’t have to be technically trained to recover your lost data. You no longer need to upload or download.

3. Backup Retention Process

Data backup can be automatically removed at the time of your preference, you don’t have to worry about data storage anymore.

4. Folder / Instance Backup

It also manages to create instance backup through the process of automation, you no longer have to spend hours creating instance backup manually.

5. Immediate Backup 

Create DB backup with one single click in an instant, this tool gives you the ability to create instant backups with one single click.

6. Backup according to User’s TimeZone

Data backup restore manager gives its user the unique ability to create Mysql backup automatically according to the time zone in which the user is working. Not only that DB backup is created at multiple locations according to the time zones through automation.

7. Restoration on Remote Server Location

After the Database backup creation, data restoration will also be done on the remote server location


Some additional benefits

  • Backup files are compressed.
  • You also get a list view, download link, and one-click restoration link.
  • Notification at the time of database backup.
  • Detailed information of the database backup such as created on, name,  and size.
  • Set data backup timing up to three times a day.
  • select your retention period.


9 reviews for SuiteCRM Database Backup-Restore Manager

  1. Paul Bonnallie

    I was worried about my backups, their consistency and charges over keeping them on disk.
    Great product which handles everything by it’s own including retention period option.

  2. Colleen Johnson

    Best Product!
    It saved my hours and hassles of taking backups and keeping them!!

    Restoration is a beautiful part.
    Life Save Product!

  3. Anjali Singh

    Amazing Product!!
    I have being using since last year.Easy to backup all my important file without any problem.
    Trust Worthy Product

  4. Dr Paul

    Absolutely amazing, saves so much time, and makes process simple, great job on this

  5. John Melilli

    As a genuine victim of RansomWare, I was fortunate to have a backup of every file so that it was a nuisance instead of a catastrophe. OutRight CRM will ensure the security of your most important asset, your data, without any intervention from you. You need this for your CRM. Get it now.

  6. Jan (verified owner)

    Great product and great support. Thats what I value most on a product. The fact that you can reach to support directly and you get an answer very quickly. Also – Ashish is able to help directly or even rebuild whats necesarry in his own plugin. Best support ever! The product is good and reliable, its all working as expected. Totally recommended!

  7. Jha Ashish

    In the growing world your data asset has become the most important part for everyone and by looking at that i really found myself fortunate by looking at this product. OutRight CRM will ensure the security of your important data asset too.
    The product is fantastic and will be helpful in every aspects to you.

  8. johnsmith038965

    This is best product, It saves my hours in taking backups , managing them , and cleaning up disks. Best thing you can restore them on Remote Servers!

  9. jaceforan

    I was worried about my backups because it is too hectic to create it manually but with the help of this plugin I can create it with a single one click. thanks for making it very simple !!!!!!!!

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