SuiteCRM Database Backup-Restore Manager

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SuiteCRM 7.0.0 – 7.11.4
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Automation of Backup and restore of MySQL Databases Using Sugarcrm or Suitecrm

Importance of Data backup and recovery process!

So you are into a business!, which runs on Crucial Data, data manipulated the whole day. It does not matter how big you are, data is important.
At some point, you worried about disasters, downtime or data loss?May be that costs a serious money to you?

Life Without Backups

Suite CRM Backup

1. Database Automatic Backups:  

 They can exclusively zip and put somewhere at a secure location, can be on the same machine or any remote location.

2. Database One-Click Restore:

Restore database Process must be easy, I don’t need to become a techie, it must be one click. It also should give an option to restore on any remote location.

I don’t need to download and upload it.

3. Backup retention process:

Your disk may be getting full soon, why keep old backup zips, may be automatically deleted after a term of time like 7 days?

4. Folder / Instance Backup:

You may have several files, documents which need to back up regularly, sitting into your folder. It also takes care of it.

5. Immediate Backup :

Do you need a backup right now, Our tool gives you the option of Instant/Immediate backups. It’s just one click.

Here are key features

1) Each Backup file is compressed.
2) ListView approach to know when they created , download link and one click restore link.
3) Notify on each backup start / finish.
4) Each backup identified by it’s name , date created ,it’s size.
5) Set 3 backups each day , set their timings.
6) Choose your retention period


User Guide

  1. Go to “DB Backup Settings”.
  2. Click on create to configure the database backup setting.Database Backups Settings
    SuiteCRM BackupRestore SuiteCRM Backup DB Backup SettingsBackup Tables => In this drop down field we have to select only those tables of selected database which backup you wants to create.
    Skip Tables => In this drop down field we have to select only those table which against you don’t want to create backup.
    Retention Period => In this drop down field we have to select number of particular till days you want to restore backup after that back will be removed permanently.
    Status => In this Drop down field we are having two fields
    1. Active
    We have to select the Active option if we want to create backup if not then we will select Inactive option.
    Destination Path => That path where you want to generate the backup, if path does not exist then it will create the folder of given path for database backup.
  3.  Database Backup/Restore
    In this module, generated database will appear in a list view.Name => Name of backup which we have generated in zip file.
    Date Created => Created date of database backup will appear in this field.
    Expiry Date => Expiry date of backup after this date it will be removed.
    Backup size => In this field backup size will appear.
    Actions =>We have two actions in this field
    Sync Status => Status of FTP sync1 . Download => We can download the generated backup file with a click.
    2 . Restore => When we will click on restore it will redirect to the “Database Restored Status”           module.
  4. Database Restored Status
    In this module a list will appear of restored database backups and below mentioned fields will appear.Name :=> Name of backup which we have generated in zip file.
    Backup size :=>  In this field backup size will appear.
    Restore Id :=>  Restored backup id will appear here.
    DB name => In this field database name will appear which backup we just made.
    Status :=> We will get active (action) on this field When we will click on it will create a database and then status will be in process, after the process is complete it will appear Complete.

NOTE: If you are using a free plugin and it works for you, please share your feedback and suggestions.

Installation/Configuration Guide


Please follow the below steps before installing the Backup-Restore Manager.
  1.  Log in as an Administrator.
  2. Verify the CRM version should be compatible with Backup-Restore Manager.
  3. CRM should have the Outright utils file, if not then install the OutrightUtils package first then install the Backup-Restore Manager.

Installation Guide:-

  1. Go to the Administration page.
  2. Click on “Module Loader” to install the package.SugarCRM & SuiteCRM Backup-Restore Manager Module Loader
  3. Click on “Choose File” button and select the Backup-Restore
  4. Click on “Upload” to upload the file in CRM and then click on the Install button.
  5. Again go to the Administration page and click on repair.
  6. Click on “Quick Repair and Rebuild” and click on execute button.
NOTE: After installing each plugin, It is mandatory to repair and execute.

7 reviews for SuiteCRM Database Backup-Restore Manager

  1. Paul Bonnallie

    I was worried about my backups, their consistency and charges over keeping them on disk.
    Great product which handles everything by it’s own including retention period option.

  2. Colleen Johnson

    Best Product!
    It saved my hours and hassles of taking backups and keeping them!!

    Restoration is a beautiful part.
    Life Save Product!

  3. Anjali Singh

    Amazing Product!!
    I have being using since last year.Easy to backup all my important file without any problem.
    Trust Worthy Product

  4. Dr Paul

    Absolutely amazing, saves so much time, and makes process simple, great job on this

  5. John Melilli

    As a genuine victim of RansomWare, I was fortunate to have a backup of every file so that it was a nuisance instead of a catastrophe. OutRight CRM will ensure the security of your most important asset, your data, without any intervention from you. You need this for your CRM. Get it now.

  6. Jan (verified owner)

    Great product and great support. Thats what I value most on a product. The fact that you can reach to support directly and you get an answer very quickly. Also – Ashish is able to help directly or even rebuild whats necesarry in his own plugin. Best support ever! The product is good and reliable, its all working as expected. Totally recommended!

  7. Jha Ashish

    In the growing world your data asset has become the most important part for everyone and by looking at that i really found myself fortunate by looking at this product. OutRight CRM will ensure the security of your important data asset too.
    The product is fantastic and will be helpful in every aspects to you.

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