Salesforce Prices For Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Prices

Salesforce marketing cloud editions are recognized by their features. It also depends on the marketing demands of your business and marketing platforms of your choice. That you can pick and choose on the basis of their marketing cloud pricing: 

Mobile, email and web marketing, customize web, email, and mobile operations with 4 different alternatives of the medium. The basic features include drag-drop segmentation, mobile-optimized templates, subscriber profile contact management personalized tools, workflows, and integration with salesforce and sales cloud. Pro also consists of automation studio, personalization builder, automated workflows triggered communication and mobile/web analytics. Corporate consists of all the pro features as well as journey builder that allows you to customize customer interaction with the help of multi-channel predictive content, relevant trigger actions, and advanced reporting. Salesforce enterprise is a complete package for your mobile, web, email and marketing needs. Including all the features mentioned above as well as distributed sending, data segmentation, custom roles, locked templates, and permissions. 

Salesforce Prices For Marketing Cloud
  • Social Media Marketing: Social Media Marketing comes in 4 different alternatives and pricing. Basic requires 20,000 monthly mentions, 2 social accounts, management tools and brand engagement for major social networks. Pro also gives 250,000 monthly mentions, 10 social accounts, and app partner access. Corporate consists of 1.5M monthly mentions, 20 social accounts, integrations with service cloud and posts automation. Salesforce enterprise allows you to increase the potential of your social media marketing activities through integration across brands, geographies, and teams. It is more suitable for multinational conglomerates.
  • Digital Advertising: the size and scope of your organization dictate the Salesforce CRM pricing for marketing cloud. Contact us for more information.

Salesforce Prices For Service Cloud

Deliver personalized experience to your customers by utilizing the salesforce service cloud. Powered by artificial intelligence and equipped with smart features salesforce cloud delivers accurate information to the support team, and analyzes customer interaction and allows predictability. Service cloud consist of the below-mentioned salesforce pricing plan and structure:

  • Salesforce Essentials: it comes with service solutions for 5 users. Case escalation, assignment as well as the process of response can be automated. Salesforce essential is also equipped with customizable reports, dashboards, opportunity tracking, and lead contact management. 
  • Lightning Professional: it provides functionality that allows collaboration within the company and all the production tools in essentials. Case milestone tracker, orders management, CTI integration, read-only knowledge base, and developer sandbox are some of the main features of the salesforce lightning professional.
Salesforce Prices For Service Cloud
  • Lightning enterprise: lightning enterprise consists of all the features from lightning professional and it also includes self-service communities, advanced case management, offline access, workflow, advanced approval automation, and reporting features.  Enterprise allows single sign in through salesforce identity for all the enterprise apps. 
  • Lightning unlimited: apart from all the enterprise features it also consists of a complete view of the CRM operations. Some of the extra features in the lightning unlimited include access to premier success, full sandbox, 24*7 toll-free support, configuration service, salesforce developer support and access to accelerators.