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Last Updated: June 14, 2024

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WWDC 2024 | Apple Entered The AI Race In Collaboration With Open AI

Apple Entered The AI Race In Collaboration With Open AI

Apple has entered the AI race with a significant announcement, unveiling “Apple Intelligence”. This personal intelligence system will integrate generative AI models into iPhones, iPads, and Macs. 

This move signifies a notable shift for Apple, which has been behind competitors like Microsoft, Google, and Amazon in AI development. A key component of Apple’s AI initiative is the updated Siri virtual assistant. Previously groundbreaking but now overshadowed by competitors, Siri is set for a major revival. The new Siri can answer questions using information from your screen and various applications, enhancing its convenience and functionality.

In a surprising move, Apple has partnered with OpenAI, the creators of ChatGPT. This partnership has sparked controversy, with Elon Musk raising concerns about potential data security threats. Despite this, Apple assures users that privacy remains a top priority, with robust measures in place to ensure data security and transparency.

Key points about Apple’s AI include:

– Integration of generative AI models into Apple devices with “Apple Intelligence”.

– A revamped Siri that utilizes on-screen data and app information.

– A controversial partnership with OpenAI, sparking data security concerns.

– Assurance from Apple that user privacy and data security are prioritized.

– Limited backward compatibility, requiring users to purchase new iPhones for full benefits.

Though Apple joined the AI race later than others, its introduction of “Apple Intelligence” and the enhanced Siri underscores its commitment to innovation, promising a future where AI deeply understands and proactively assists users.

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Cloud Duo | Oracle And Google Come Forward For Multicloud Partnership

Google Cloud & Oracle Cloud

Google Cloud will provide Oracle Cloud Infrastructure database services as well as high-speed network interconnection with Oracle.

On June 11, 2024, Oracle and Google Cloud announced their alliance, enabling customers to choose how to integrate Google Cloud and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) technologies to speed up application modernization and migrations.

Customers will be able to install general-purpose workloads with no cross-cloud data transfer fees thanks to Google Cloud’s Cross-Cloud Interconnect, which will initially be available for user onboarding in 11 worldwide regions. Oracle Database@Google Cloud, a new solution with feature and price parity with OCI and the greatest degree of Oracle database and network performance, will be available later this year.

Together, the two businesses will launch Oracle Database@Google Cloud, which will help businesses all over the world and in a variety of sectors, such as manufacturing, financial services, healthcare, retail, and more.

The freedom to use various clouds is something that customers desire, according to Larry Ellison, Chairman and CTO of Oracle. “Google and Oracle are seamlessly integrating the newest Oracle Database technology with Google Cloud services to address this expanding demand. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure hardware can be installed in Google Cloud data centers to provide customers with optimal network and database performance.

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Open AI Ready To “Push Mission Forward” With New CFO and CPO

Open AI

OpenAI has announced that Kevin Weil will take over as Chief Product Officer and Sarah Friar as Chief Financial Officer.

Sarah Friar as CFO (Chief Financial Officer)

Sarah Friar has been appointed as Chief Financial Officer. She will be in charge of a finance team that backs Open AI’s objectives by continuing to invest in its core research skills and making sure the business can develop to accommodate its expanding clientele and the intricate, international environment in which it operates.

She was CEO of Nextdoor most recently. She has held positions with Salesforce, Goldman Sachs, McKinsey, and Square as CFO. She is co-chair of the Stanford Digital Economy Lab, a crucial division of the Stanford Institute for Human-Centered AI (HAI), a fellow of the Aspen Institute, and a board member of Consensys and Walmart.

Kevin Weil as CPO (Chief Product Officer)

Kevin Weil has joined Open AI as Chief Product Officer. He will oversee a product team tasked with integrating company research into products and services that benefit consumers, developers, and companies.

He most recently served as Planet Labs’ President, Product and Business. Before this, he co-founded the cryptocurrency Libra and served as Facebook’s Vice President of Product for Novi, Instagram’s Vice President of Product, and Twitter’s SVP of Product. In addition to serving on the boards of The Nature Conservancy and Black Product Managers Network, he is a term member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).

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Luma AI Launches Dream Machine | Free Text-To-Video AI Model And Rival To Open AI’s SORA 

Luma AI

Luma AI, a US-based business focused on visual AI, has released a new video generator comparable to OpenAI’s Sora. Luma AI has created a new tool called Dream Machine.

Dream Machine is open to the public. According to the business, Dream Machine is a next-generation video model that uses AI to generate high-quality, realistic shots using natural language inputs. The official website’s introduction language reads, “Dream Machine is an AI model that quickly creates high-quality, realistic videos from text and images.”

According to Luma AI, Dream Machine is a highly scalable and efficient transformer model trained directly on videos, allowing it to generate physically precise shots. The company believes that Dream Machine is its first move toward building a universal imagination engine. The tool is now available to everyone.

Dream Machine can iterate more quickly and produce 120 frames in 120 seconds, according to the company. With its ability to comprehend how people, animals, and objects interact with the real world, it can produce films with superb character consistency and realistic physics. Additionally, the tool facilitates experimentation with an infinite variety of realistic, flowing, and cinematic camera movements.

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