Weekly Tech News: First Week of June 2024

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Last Updated: June 7, 2024

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Now, the Premium Version of OpenAI, ChatGPT4o, and DALL-E 3 are open to you Free of Cost at OutRightCRM

ChatGPT4o, and DALL-E 3

Get experience of the AI’s power with OutRightCRM’s latest offering called free access of OpenAI’s Premium Model. Now, you can access the premium versions of OpenAI’s, ChatGPT4o, and DALL-E 3 completely free of cost.

Now, you are free to enhance your customer relationship management experience with advanced conversational AI and stunning image generation capabilities. Whether you need to automate responses, generate creative content, or design visual assets, OutRightCRM will assist you by providing these cutting-edge tools at no extra charge

Therefore, without any further ado, take advantage of this exclusive opportunity to elevate your CRM processes and drive innovation without any financial burden. Moreover, explore the limitless possibilities today with OutRightCRM’s free access to ChatGPT4o and DALL-E 3.

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Researchers Have Updated These New Scalable Techniques In GPT-4 to Comprehend The Brain Activity, Let’s Check Them


Now, researchers have made ChatGPT-4 easy for you by developing new scalable understanding methods for neural activity by identifying 16 million features, or patterns of activation.

These features, found using sparse autoencoders, are more interpretable and scalable than previous techniques of ChatGPT-4. Plus, more challenges include the complexity of neural networks and the need for massive autoencoders to capture all concepts.

In spite of limitations, this progress aims to enhance the trustworthiness and steerability of the model. Researchers have shared their findings, code, and visualizations to encourage further exploration in the AI community, with hopes of eventually improving AI safety and robustness through better interpretability.

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What the Collaboration Between Microsoft and Hitachi Will Introduce to You

Hitachi and Microsoft have announced a multibillion-dollar, three-year-long partnership to drive business and social innovation using generative AI. The collaboration will integrate Microsoft’s cloud services and AI tools into Hitachi’s Lumada solutions with the aiming to enhance productivity and create innovative industry solutions.

Hitachi has planned to train over 50,000 professionals in advanced AI skills as part of this initiative. In addition to this, this partnership will also focus on sustainability with projects to reduce the environmental impact of data centers. This alliance aims to address business challenges, improve operational efficiency, and support sustainable growth, energy transition, and much more.

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Introduce Yourself to the Claude 3’s Superpower: Tools Utilization

Claude 3's Superpower

Claude is now capable of tool utilization. In other words, tool utilization functionality is now available across the Claude 3 model family via the Anthropic Messages API, Amazon Bedrock, and Google Cloud’s Vertex AI.

This will enable you to use Claude to perform tasks like data extraction, API call conversion, database queries, task automation, and so on. Plus, developers can customize tools to improve interactions with streaming responses and specify tool choices.

Now, you can use Claude to work with images, including tags, for clearer outputs. Utilizing these skills, you can improve the AI tutor’s experience, data extraction, and process automation. Additionally, businesses like StudyFetch, Intuned, and Hebbia are greatly increasing their user engagement and operational efficiency.

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