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We all know that in the growing phase everyone has multiple accounts, it’s difficult for people to remember all of their login information. When a SuiteCRM user has a Google Sign-in option then every user just clicks on them and login in just 1 second without remembering the username and password of the SuiteCRM.

google sign in

The SuiteCRM google Sign-In improves the security of the CRM, the admin can off the normal login functionality for the regular users only admin can be able to login in CRM with the username and password. Regular users will only be login in SuiteCRM with the google sign-in button.

In SuiteCRM the admin can only create the new user and assign some role and team, the admin follows the same process every time when an organization hires the user for SuiteCRM. The Suite Google Sign In does this for your CRM, the admin can only configure the settings for the new create users and existing users.

Why google Integration is required?

As we know Google uses in large scale and everyone is using at least one account, users don’t want to waste their time in registration and then wait for the admin approval, in this generation where time is money no one wants to waste it

The registration process is hectic because of entering your address, username, generating password these steps are really bothered in a busy schedule that’s why google integration come to make everything faster and reliable.

SuiteCRM Google Sign-In Key Features are:-

  • Google Sign-In can be open to a new user.
  • Admin can set the organization domain so that only an organization employee can be able to access the CRM.
  • Google Sign-In provides access to the admin to set the roles for the newly created user in SuiteCRM.
  • Admin can by default assign the newly created user to a specific team.

For more details, Documentation for this add-on, please Click here.

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