Data Breach in CRM: How to keep protection of your data?

Author Image By Ashish Dwivedi

Last Updated: April 3, 2023

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is considered to be one of the most trustworthy and essential systems for every venture to keep their business activity stronger. Most of the time a CRM is well-known to hold on every customer’s data with the proper security. Every organization makes use of this system to raise their business growth, hike up ROI and also assist to make a new good connection with customers. Do you think that customers will have faith in you if you lose their data in CRM? In today’s time, a data breach has crossed all the levels and stealing every customer’s data is their first priority. You all have read out many IT news regarding Data breach, so data breach in CRM can happen not a big deal.

Like, you are running your business from a long period of time and always maintain customer‘s data with proper security promises. Due to data breach in CRM do you think that they will trust you again? Your first impression is the last impression according to customers as they value their data, so they can’t trust anyone easily. You have to work in proper security to maintain a relationship with new and existing customers.

Nevertheless, we found that many organizations want to know how to keep their business reputation safe and stay away from hacking and data breach. Let’s walk through the whole blog and understand the points given below-

How to protect the business from Data Breach?

Your IT Infrastructure may be stronger for any hacks

CRM is considered to be one of the best systems for business purposes that can play a key role in getting a result-driven solution. Facing CRM security issues, don’t change your mind and opt for other systems for your organization. We can share the best solution where your CRM will stay safe from a data breach.


Your first goal is to sharpen your IT infrastructure so that no data breach in CRM can ruin your organization. We are here mentioning about a laptop, computer, router and server that always need to be updated and security patches.

One more suggestion we want to share is that you have enormous staff so make sure that you install robust, enterprise-level security software like firewall, email scanner, etc. One more thing, you can use an identity monitoring tool for your work just to stay away from a phishing scam. You can check out your identity is compromised.

Change your password if it is weak

Are you facing CRM security issues most of the time? Well, now it will never be going to happen if read the whole blog till the end. We are not asking your system’s password but just want to know that “Your password is weak or strong”. Why?

data braech Password-Security

It will hardly take a few minutes as hackers can easily enter your system and get that information that can help them to earn some money. Data breach in CRM can enter, so you have to keep patience and fight. You must avoid the weak password which your manager has shared with all employees who worked in your company.

Try to avoid passwords like qwerty, birthday’s date, pet name, mobile number, your name, etc. Just delete such a kind of password and try a new one which is hard to guess. One suggestion for you, you can use some alphabets and numerical to keep your password stronger. Make sure to strive for the hardware security keys.

Which CRM software is secure and perfect? 

You have a decade of experience of working in the CRM industry then we are sure that you are updated with every CRM software that can assist you in your daily activity. Still, hackers can use their dirty tricks to catch-up the customer’s information that you secured in your CRM.

db backup breach

They can try to make the situation devastating for you as data breach in CRM can make the situation worse. What to do? We just want all of you readers who are paying attention to this blog that you must select the best CRM solution software for running your business positively.

Not only is the software advanced but also with exceptional security history that can alert you if such a situation happens. Many are adopting the extensions, so we just want all of you to get used to SuiteCRM Database backup plugin which is basically for data security. The plugin knows the data is the backbone of every business, so it keeps proper security as well.

User can monitor every single data in CRM

Data Breach in CRM is seriously a hectic situation as every person works hard for their business growth and reputation and in just a few minutes of hacking concept, every work can go into vain. But don’t fret if you follow the best guidance and procedure. You always get feasible solutions with no regret.

track every activity

Sometimes, you are not present in the office and want to know if someone accesses your system. Is it possible? Let us share what you have to do when you are working in a CRM then you can set up an alert that can notify you automatically if any person wants unauthorized access in your system relentlessly.

Your every data will remain stable and secure if you don’t accept the access. Everything will be under control. Not ending this point here as you can freely add a dashboard in your CRM System which can alert you about real-time statistics of your CRM security. This is the best way to track the activity of every minute every second.

Company staff should know about Data Breach in CRM

We agree with you that the CRM security issue is not a one day lesson to understand. Still, we want all of you to pay attention to your employees as you need to educate them about data breach and hacking. Your employees can be a victim of this data breach and just one mistake, you and your office have to face it.

outright store data breach

We guess you all know that a few years back 27% of all data breach in the United States happened because of Human error. Learn something from other user mistakes. There is a requirement of proper training about cybersecurity, how to parse phishing emails, fake websites, fake contacts, etc.

It’s easy for the hackers to look like a good one in front of you. Your employees should know properly which link to click on or check their profile before clicking that link, not to download the file from an unknown source, etc. Give your best and your team can face CRM security issues if it happens.

Let’s sum it up

Are you afraid of losing customer’s data? It is not a big deal; for the hackers to enter in your world and steal whatever they need. It’s up to you how you have protected yourself before such a situation happens. Customer Relationship Management is one of the systems of every industry and sector that all use to strengthen their business but if such a system is a victim of data loss then what to do. Data Breach in CRM can happen any day at any time. And, the solution we have shared above as we mentioned some of the points which can help you to stay away from the data breach, phishing, hacking and all. A customer always trusts you if you keep their data safely like address, phone number but if you can’t keep that safe, you all know what is the result after that. Stay safe stay alert!

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