SuiteCRM Global Hide Manager Premium: Functionalities and Updated Pricing

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Last Updated: March 31, 2023

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In this Competitive world of business where most people have a decade’s worth of experience in CRM software, nevertheless, they are frustrated because of Data leaks. Firms prefer to ask CRM experts for a phenomenal solution but unfortunately, nothing works. This is the question to ponder over “How can I keep Customer Data safe in CRM software”? 

Businesses should bear in mind there is no Room for Mistakes according to Customers. They have a multitude of tasks to go for, so if their data is stolen by someone, your company will be responsible for that. We know CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is robust and embedded with awesome security but still, anything can happen. Nobody wants to take any risk. Because Data leaks are prevalent these days. 

How are you going to convince your customer that “Data is safe in CRM and there is no risk? An A1 Product we have “SuiteCRM Global Hide Manager” to assist you. 

  • How will it Protect Customer Information? 
  • How will it not harm your business brand? 

This blog is going to be very informative. We will start with the basic-

Global Hide Manager Definition

Heighten your experience by purchasing SuiteCRM Global Hide Manager (Premium) which allows you to cover the sensitive information of your customers. Hide anything you want in your CRM software to keep your business aside from data leaks. With lots of hard work, you gained potential customers. So, to not lose them, it is important to keep their information safe. This Extension is for Unlimited users. 

SuiteCRM Global hide manager

Why only to Invest in this Plugin?

We have something to share. A few months ago we saw a post in SuiteCRM Community where a prospect shared “Hello! I need to Hide the CREATE Button from the Contacts Module. I didn’t find any idea how to do this in SuiteCRM software. Please help!”

We remember one more post but on a Social media platform. A Developer team member of a firm posted content by explaining that his firm lost numerous leads because the data they got from them was stolen. It tarnished their business brand in the market. They got the best data for making awesome business decisions. But they were not fully prepared to keep data safe. 

Have you understood the above conditions of the prospects? We Introduced the Global Hide manager (Premium) for their task. And we promised them this Plugin can Revolutionize your company. Credit to the Iron-tight security of this extension for your CRM software. They are now hiding customer-sensitive information and other things in CRM for their task. They do not fret now and there is no risk. 

Noteworthy Functionalities of Global Hide Manager (Premium)

The optimal solution to hide unwanted things and useful information of every customer is this add-on. Find out more about its unmatched functionalities. 

  • Your Business can now Hide Buttons, Fields, Sections, etc in their SuiteCRM software. It is all up to you whether they are unwanted or there are some other reasons behind hiding these. 
  • Users can Unhide them again! If by chance you hide something that is important to work doesn’t mean that you can’t get it again. Our plugin provides functionality where you can unhide too. 
  • The Most significant functionality for you to know is this extension can Hide and Disable fields based on ID, Class, Hyperlink, and Index. We guarantee you will not find such benefits in other Products of CRM software. 
  • To evoke more interest in purchasing, let us inform you that investing here helps in hiding values in List View, Detail View, and Edit View. Work more smoothly on your task now. 
  • Another awesome benefit of using Global Hide Manager is you can hide or encrypt the starting/ending characters of any record. Understood? Just like this: 9811****** or *****007. Splendid for Security! 
  • One more dominant feature is there for your firm. Your Business team from now can hide any Record based on their status. Perhaps many businesses are in need of such a function.

Current Pricing of Hide Manager Plugin

Are you fretting about the security of your customer data? If you are not getting assistance from anyone then buy our product. This affordable plugin may cost you $449.00 and you will get lifetime support. 

We can also help you here by providing a 3 Day Risk-Free Trial. Use it properly and then make a purchase. This extension is compatible with every SuiteCRM Version (Important to know this). 

Final Synopsis: This Digital age can be stressful. You all know why we are saying this. Data leaks are unstoppable and everyone is suffering from huge losses. It’s not only the customer who will take the loss but also the business that promised to take care of the customer’s sensitive information. So, your next-level CRM needs the “SuiteCRM Global Hide Manager” Product. To outgrow your firm, you can invest here to get lifetime benefits. No one can steal any data. Iron-tight security is the top-notch functionality of this extension. 

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