Improve SuiteCRM Performance

Author Image By Ashish Dwivedi

Last Updated: June 15, 2021

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My SuiteCRM is slow… What Should I do?

I have to wait for many seconds, sometimes a few mins, the situation is getting worse as time passes?

Worried about performance?

Improve Suitecrm Performance: Most of us face the same situation, I am trying to explain here the core reason and their possible solutions. Here are few culprits around.

1. CPU cores => As much CPU cores are there, We are better. Minimum 2 is suggested.

2. RAM size=> The same formulae, as Much RAM system has, more good, I feel 4GB at least.

3. Unmatched PHP / MySQL combo for your SuiteCRM => Maybe you do not agree but my personal experience is to have the correct versions as per matrix is a good step for keeping performance ahead. PHP 7 is better in performance.

4. Configuration settings => Based upon 2 Core + 4GB combo of CPU/RAM I can advise these things.






5.  Reboot => once all of the above is set, reboot machine or restart apache.

service apache2 restart.

6. Now it may be suite CRM Schedulers =>

a) Go to Admin

b) Click on Schedulers

c) Search for a job

Two things are for your attention here:-

  1. The only concerned job must be in an Active state. Make “Inactive” to jobs which don’t need.
  2. There should not many “As Often as possible” jobs, they pull computing attention which also decreases software performance. Only put “As often as Possible” which are really required. Rest set them for 2 mins or 5 mins.

7. Now if still, it is slow, It may be a database, joins, table size, etc. Let us move on that.

“Be Aware, before any changes in the database, you must have 100% backup of whole database, double check everything. if you are at AWS, have an AMI.”

For Database Backup and Recovery Click Here

For more details visit :

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