Hidden Benefits of Retargeting to achieve a variety of goals

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Last Updated: October 13, 2022

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We don’t know whether you recently started your business or already made your image in the market, if your decision is to invest in Retargeting then you are in a good company. Failure and success are a part of life no matter whether you build up a campaign and fail to get the prospects or get success. You can move towards the Retargeting campaign which is a holistic approach to hike up your sales activity again, increase customer loyalty, and also the conversion rate. We have so many things to share with you about this concept, We will start with the basic

What is Retargeting?

Retargeting is a marketing strategy that enables every business size to target or serves the ads to those prospects who previously visited your website. No matter whether they purchased from your website earlier or visited your website but didn’t buy anything from you, you can strive this strategy today for your business uplifting.

We must say if you follow this strategy that means you are encouraging people to come back again and look at your product and service and purchase it. Your focus is on pushing the products towards the customer once again and this gives your remarkable advantages like increasing sales as we told you above and hiking up the conversion. 

Let’s dig in and get aware of the real statistics about this digital advertising strategy- Conversion rate will increase up to 150% when using this strategy, 68% of agencies looking to invest in the retargeting campaign again and 49% of brands looking to invest in this strategy. Around 46% of search engine marketing believe that this strategy is perfect online marketing tactics, The CTR of the retargeted ads is 0.7%, 90% of professional marketers said that this strategy is better than digital marketing and 30% of the consumers show positive reaction here.

This is really important as 37% of the consumer click on the retargeted ads and if you focus on Retargeting campaigns on the LinkedIn platform then it can uplift your CTR up to 30%. 

real statics of retargeting

List of advantages of Retargeting campaign for businesses

This is the gist of this blog because you are here to know about the benefits of this digital marketing strategy. Let’s dive into the pool

  • You will get connected with the audience again

The big disappointment is when numerous visitors visited your website and left without purchasing your product or without getting involved in your services. Are you one of those who want the best feasible solution to get back those visitors and deal with you? Let’s open up a box of a solution and the answer is Retargeting. 

This is the best example to re-engage with those prospects and turn them into your loyal customer. It has the functionality to display your ads so that prospects come to your website first instead of moving the cursor and clicking on other websites. A better strategy to increase your product purchasing activity. The web traffic boosts up at least 700% via this strategy and around 25% of online roamers like retargeting ads. 

retargeting ads
  • The method is time-saving for everyone

In today’s era where the automation concept is ruling to save your efforts and time, Retargeting is also ready to ease your efforts. How? It requires only a one-time configuration from your side and that process is not long to waste your time and stop your other crucial activities of the business. 

Suppose you did the configuration then get ready to see the automated work which saves your quality of time. If the visitors leave your site then this strategy role will begin to follow them and display the ads, so marketing efforts will be saved for sure. This method helps in reducing cart abandonment by 6.5% and this strategy is used in e-commerce in 27% of the cases. 

  • Retargeting campaign is accurate to show customer behaviour

This is a plus point for most of the organization when they get a piece of information about the customer behaviour and their purchasing activities. This gives a signal to them how they have to work for each customer. Well, we researched and got to know that this digital advertising strategy highlights the right metrics and analytics for your regarding the customer behaviour.

Do you think that there is a need of this to get the customers? Of course, you need it because when you present the campaign again then you can easily incorporate these metrics and analytics information for getting better results. 

Retargeting Customer Behavior
  • A goal of brand awareness can be achieved

Finally, you are ready to put some investment in the retargeting ads but did you know when the visitors visited on any web page then your pop-up of ads appears frequently? It will stay in the visitor’s mind and if they like your brand or looking for exactly the same brand then they will surely visit your website without any hurdle. We are not saying they will immediately purchase your product but some customers can as it depends on the customer. 

So, this strategy that we are talking about in this blog enables the business to enrich the brand awareness and that may help you to increase your sales. 70% of the marketer go for this strategy just because of brand awareness and the efficiency rate of this strategy is 1046% in comparison to other ad placement strategies. 

  • Is it really helpful for sales activity uplifting?

No matter how many surplus products you have that you shared on your website, the matter is how many sales you get every week, every day, or every month. Research says only 2% of the customers buy from the website at the first visit. But what about the rest of the 98%? Are you curious to know how to increase your sale and grow your business more? 

The above strategy called retargeting ads can play a vital role for you because this helps in getting back those visitors and no doubt they can purchase it on their second visit. The sale will increase, revenue also, what else you need now. 3 out of 4 customers pay attention to the retargeting campaign and 54% of marketers said that social media is perfect for retargeting ads.

retargeting ads

What is the working process of retargeting? 

Before going to share a piece of content about it, first, let us inform you that it works by deploying cookies which are simple data stored in web browsers and that may help to monitor the activity. There are two types of retargeting ads that you must know-

  • Pixel-based

If your first task is to collect information for the retargeting then you need to retarget pixels or you can say a piece of code and that should be on the company’s website. It is the perfect method to track customer behaviour. The role of the pixel is to capture the entire visitors and they will then “cookied” and serve the ads on other sites. 

  • List-based

It will start the role by collecting or you can say group the email address of existing and potential customers which is beneficial for you to target those leads on social media. When uploading the contact list on social media platforms, it will be great to share the retargeting campaign to target customer behaviour like hobbies, age, location, etc. This type of retargeting ad is better than pixel-based because it shares more information with the organization. 

Retargeting vs Remarketing: What is the difference between both? 

If it is about Retargeting vs Remarketing then first, let’s clear your doubt that both of these strategies’ goal is similar just to influence more conversion. When we talk about re-targeting then businesses use it when prospects are very close to the deal. It basically uses cookies and even email addresses just to keep the push ads on the sites or the social media network.

You can also put the retargeting ads on the Mailchimp and this may give you a great function like automatically generating plenty of ads and it will be displayed at the right side at the right time. 

retargeting vs remarketing

Now if we put a spotlight and understand the Remarketing then it is used by businesses to take potential customers into the funnels. This concept strategy is email marketing first where you can easily deploy emails just to engage with the potential customers. So, in short, both these strategies have different marketing approaches but have the same goals. 

Final takeaway

Don’t think once the visitor visits the website and will never return back to your website. Some will never return and some may surely visit and no doubt they can purchase from your website first. It is up to you what kind of smart tactics you applied to get those visitors back. We don’t want to know what earlier concept you applied for it, but the time is to think two steps further. Therefore, you must entail the concept of Retargeting today which has all such immense functions that you need. It is really the best example of getting back the earlier visitors who have not shown any interest in purchasing. This blog is very informative about this digital advertising strategy as we guide you regarding its working process and its bundles of advantages. Hurry up with this strategy and get ready to see vast changes in your website regarding traffic or sale. 

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