Epic Systems initiate new Epic Telehealth Services using Twilio

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June 16, 2020

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After the introduction of Twilio, it has unlocked the magic of communication and brought a vast change in every industry. This leading cloud communication platform has bundled advantages that can boost up any industry. One good news we want to highlight here for you all and that this platform Twilio Programmable video will now present a strong “telehealth” offering from the Epic System Corporation. Any idea what Epic System corp is? It is considered to be one of the largest holders of the United States medical record. And also known for building-up the MyChart software. This epic telehealth can be beneficial for both the doctors and the patients. How?

Why it is needed in today’s time?

Hope you all agree with us that today’s time is very critical just because of COVID-19 that has taken the lives of every people living in this world. Everyone is facing a critical situation. Do you think that this Twilio service can be helpful for you? How is this video-conferencing software suitable?

We know you have several questions, so let us clear all your doubts as it works like an application where it starts its role via video visit with the patients that are suffering from Coronavirus where the doctors can grab the advantage to understand their medical history swiftly. It enables the doctors to update the clinical documentation and many such things. Interesting!

This will surely help both the doctors and patients to get connected with each other. Want to know more about this epic health service? Let us inform you regarding the data matter that it has the power or you can say the capability to reach 250 million people.

Statement of Global Head of Healthcare Services at Twilio

Susan Collins, the Global Head of HealthCare services at Twilio said, “To the extent that there is a silver lining to this incredible human tragedy, it’s the innovation that’s been borne of necessity to look after thing like health care and education.” She also said, “The solution we’re building now are going to live on well past this current crisis. We’re going to wind up with a much more consumer-centric health care system as a result.”

We believe that such an innovative and advanced concept is much-needed nowadays as you already know the current condition going on everywhere. Just because of COVID-19, many people died and some are in critical condition. It’s harder to meet the doctors so why don’t you adapt this technology of epic telehealth as this application gives you the perfect facility to share what you want.

Susan Collins also said about COVID-19 pandemic, “This was done to meet the provider and patient demand as healthcare systems not only struggled to curb the spread of the virus but continued to deliver necessary care through the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s the power of digital engagement, software agility and cloud-scale.”

Twilio already focusing on the healthcare matter

You are reading out a new Twilio service here in this blog but let us tell you that the Twilio is already focusing on the healthcare matter as it focused on healthcare as a vertical, present some great self-service just for automating FAQs, sending voice note to the patients with the assistance of text or call, etc. Every healthcare industry is safe when they have Twilio which can ease their problems and share a flawless experience. In today’s time, everyone trusts Twilio more than any of its competitors when it’s time to make up the native solutions.

We find this “Video Visit” a suitable idea to help the patients. Even we would like to share the statement of Taylor Seale who is a Director of Video Visit Development at Epic. He said, “Video visits are an important way health care providers connect with their patients, so we designed a solution that can be rapidly deployed and easily used.” Now we guess you all love this epic health service. One more thing to share that is important for you- Twilio is supporting HIPAA eligible workflows and that is on Twilio SMS, SIP and video too.

EPIC is working for all in coming future

Apart from this epic health application that we talked about in this blog, epic is looking to encourage every big-small organization to share the entire COVID-19 data. Like you can say data regarding travel-screening documentation, infection status information and much more. They want such information from the company’s interoperability network.

Let’s move back and talk about the work of the “epic” that they have launched a mobile application in March 2020. The application is regarding Coronavirus where many don’t get access to EHR and now they can. Epic took the assistance of nonprofit health technology organization OCHIN to build this application for you.

Eventually, just want to say that it’s a good decision of EPIC to share such an exceptional concept in this hard time. Thanks to Twilio too for helping the patients and doctors to get connected more quickly. How hard it is to meet the doctors in this Coronavirus time we can understand this. Must want all of you to understand deeply how it can help you. You can reap the advantages of this application for epic telehealth that how it can help to meet your doctors and share your details about your health. Stay safe Stay alert!

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