How does Coronavirus force people to go their hometown?

Author Image By Ashish Dwivedi

May 20, 2020

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Everywhere is chaos just because of COVID-19 epidemic which has ruined the whole world and the people who are living in today’s era. The solution is just to Stay at home and Work from Home as no such solution to fight against Coronavirus. Do you think that this solution is totally relevant for the people who worked 12-14 hours and earned some amount so that their family members can eat food and live? Here a man who came from rural area to urban area and doing small jobs but this COVID-19 is a total disaster for him as he doesn’t have a single amount of money to live for 2-3 months in this Stay at Home solution. He didn’t find that staying here is a better idea so he decided to pack bags and go back to the home town to stay with his family members.

 “I am poor I will die … let me go”

He came out from his house and what he saw was our police stopping everyone not to go outside to the main road and just stay at home. But not in an easy way as they are using their power and beaten everyone. Do you find this a brilliant idea of our police to stop every person? Even he was the victim of that but can’t do anything against them because the reason is he is poor and not have enough money to settle the situation. He was pondering how to fight in this hunger situation because no one was helping him in this critical situation.

Cause of Coronovirus facing problem

He fights a lot with others and came out and started walking miles straight to his hometown. There is no bus assistance for the poor people and no such other conveyance and that is the reason he walked alone. Moreover, there was no train running in this Coronavirus situation as the government has cancelled all this. So, what that man did was walk on the railway track relentlessly without any idea of “How much distance was left” or “How to take assistance from someone who can drop him to his hometown”? Nevertheless, police found him with more other people and started resorting to violence to stop them from not going to their hometown. Well, what a great solution that was as you are using your power on those who can’t talk to you straight. He was not able to share his feelings that how this Coronavirus has created the situation critical for him and can’t say how this “Fighting against Coronavirus‘ ‘ brought tears in his life. He waited and waited as there was no other option left.

Fighting against Coronavirus

Someone has shared an idea with him to cross the river near to the Railway track and they can go from there. Without thinking about anything, he stood up with them and ready to cross the river to not to meet the police again who were stopping them to go. Unfortunately, destiny is not with that man at that time, just crossing the river he found the police members who started violence push them to go back to the cities where they are living currently. Disappointment! Instead of listening to what is the current situation of that man, they are just showing their power to the poor people that’s it. Is this way to treat those who want to live peacefully but has no option left to fight in this situation? The man has just said one line to every police and that was “I am poor I will die I have no money… let me go”. No such demands he has raised but what the police of our country did was just create violence and beat them.

Coronavirus effect

Are you still hoping that the government will do it for them soon or the government is going to help them? Can’t they find what situation the poor people are facing? Government needs to tackle this situation and provide assistance so that those who are jobless and want to go to their home to live can go peacefully instead of showing aggression to them. They are the one who voted for you for making your government so that you will help them. If possible then they need to focus on arranging buses for them or find other good ideas on how they can go back to their hometown. They have no money, they will die if you don’t help them. Hope this COVID-19 pandemic ends soon (finger crossed) and once again peace and better life come soon for everyone.

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