Complete guidance of Call analytics and reasons to choose it

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Last Updated: December 18, 2023

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Most of the prestigious organizations said that phone calls are the most valuable communication channel in today’s era. Even we agree with their statement because whenever customers think to get connected with some business, the phone call idea always strikes in their mind first.

When you prefer the phone call then 30% faster you can grab leads and the retention rate is 28% in phone calls. 

This is the reason the companies are now looking to put investment in Call analytics to earn the fruit of investment promptly. Have you heard “call analytics” for the first time? Might be new for most of you, so we are going to unhide about this term and even the essential reasons to choose it for your business. 

What is Call Analytics?

In very simple words, we are considering this a technology that enables the business to grab the piece of data from the inbound phone calls taking the assistance of Artificial Intelligence. This technology is superior to collect, analyze, and measure the phone call data for your business use. 

Call analytics

Isn’t it something top-notch technology that you need nowadays? Hope the marketers and sales business users are paying attention because this technology helps them to optimize call handling and marketing campaigns after getting immense data from call analytics solutions. This is what is Call analytics to increase the effectiveness of the organization. 

What is the working process of a Call analytics solution?

Explained you the introduction with some points for your business growth. Now let’s pay attention to the work process of this technology. It starts the role by assigning the trackable phone numbers for your marketing purpose and then phone numbers will capture the important information like caller name, geographical location, and also the marketing source. 

CRM Analytics Work

Let’s move on to the further process as it records the call that you made with that person and then take the assistance of speech-to-text-technology and that is to transcribe the conversation only. And now the role of Artificial Intelligence begins by analyzing the transcription to surface actionable insight. You will get to know about which product or service the lead inquired or if a caller was a sales lead. The marketers will get the report of each data whatever the analytics shared and after that, they can easily access it. 

Reasons to choose Call analytics solution for your business

If you are keen to know about some great reasons like how it can enrich your marketing experience then read out the points given below-

  • Present the real-time information that you need

This is the best as the businesses today need the information on time and if we are talking about the call analytics then let’s clear you here that it shows real-time information. This is a great signal for you to get connected with the customers swiftly like you can respond to them promptly. This technology is accurate to view the call traffic. You can respond to the miss calls more quickly now and we would say zero percent chance of losing revenue. 

  • Get to know where extra-training required

You understood now the role of a call analytics solution. Marketers or sales organizations must strive for this technology to get a complete insight into their phone call statistics. If you collect the data or measure the data then you can also improve the training of your employees or re-trained them if you think they need this. Take this an opportunity instead of disappointment because this technology shares what you get and you can bring changes to retain your customers. 

  • Easy to track business growth

When you strive for this call recording analytics in your business then it gives you multiple benefits to enrich your experience. How about getting the information about the customer of how much time he/she spends on a call with you? How about the sales work of which product sold on which day? 

This complete insight is very important for business because it enables them to judge their business growth every month or year. Ultimately, you get to know which training campaign is working positively and giving you the best advantage. If you need a call recording plugin for your business then get aware of Twilio Auto dialer for your business enhancement. 

  • Time to improve customer experience now

Earlier, many businesses are not able to pay attention to the pain points of their customers. This is why they lose many big opportunities and leads and are now looking for the perfect feasible solution. You need to delve deeper into the concept of call analytics solution which enables you to share friction points in the client journey. 

You can work on that and share a reliable solution with that customer to maintain your relationship for lifelong. If there is a requirement for improving customer experience with some outstanding extension then let’s just unlock a plugin called Twilio click to call which is remarkable for sharing a better experience. 

Industries need this technology for their business development

Phone call communication channels are used by various industries and yes, it is the first priority. Therefore, we believe that you also need call analytics technology today for your business uplifting. Which industry? Let’s unlock and highlight the industries like Healthcare, Education industry, E-commerce sector, Real-estate sector, Automobile sector, the Travel Industry, and Home services. They need such technology to find out and get aware of their calls data because it is better for their decision-making process. 

These industries require to get the details of the campaign, channel, caller’s name, caller’s phone number, if the caller abandoned the call, the geographical location they called from, the day or time of the call, and much more. Is it easy to get all such piece of information when putting hands on a call analytics solution? Businesses need an easier and effective technology and this one is remarkable for them and gives more such compelling functions that you have never seen before. 

How platforms can integrate with call analytics?

Integration is better to ease your efforts and give some special top-notch features. If your question is about syncing this technology with other platforms then we have jotted down some points given below-

  • Google analytics 

If this technology gets integrated with Google analytics then chances are very high in getting the correct reporting of customer behavior trends, value of each call from every source, getting the understanding of marketing performance, etc. It will be easier for you to measure your revenue and conversions of your marketing or any other channels. 

  • Salesforce

One of the versatile software of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) called Salesforce will be the best for you if it syncs with this technology because you can easily connect calls over channels. Also, you can connect calls over campaigns as well. It’s time to get a better understanding of your customers and can tailor the follow-ups when both get integrated. 

platform integration of crm analytics
  • Facebook

Last but certainly not the least and this about the social media giant called Facebook. If the call analytics solution syncs with the Facebook platform then the result would be better to check how your ads are going. It’s also a signal for you to go for retargeting earlier callers from the Facebook platform and also with other social media channels. 

Way forward

Gaining such important information about the phone calls is everyone’s requirement because it enables them to make decisions for the future. Thanks to this wonderful technology called call analytics which is an example of sharing the incredible features to hone business main goals these days. Collecting, measuring, and analyzing the information is really a daunting task but businesses don’t need to stay fret now because they have an outstanding solution which we highlighted above.

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