How Automated Text Messages Work? Best Tools and Examples

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Last Updated: August 23, 2023

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Automated text messages are prewritten text messages that are automatically sent to the recipients at a scheduled time or sent when triggered by the customer’s actions. You can say that automated text messages are for drip campaigns. These text messages are built using users’ behavior, activities, and information stored in the CRM database. This saves a lot of time and effort for marketers. Text messages are automated by using SMS marketing tools. 

Significance and Benefits of Automated Text Messages

  • Ease of usage- With the correct SMS service providers you can create your SMS marketing campaigns without much work, hiring a professional, or much technical knowledge. Apps providing API services are very user-friendly. The applications should also have a proper user guide. 
  • Two-way messaging- With this, you can have a conversation with your customers. This is a great way especially for small businesses to make their customers engage with them. You can also automate customers’ responses, collect survey data, and schedule texts with them.
  • High open and response rates- SMSs have more open, click-through, engagement, and response rates than any other communication channel. People check their SMS notifications within 5 minutes after they are sent. 
  • Time-saving- SMSs don’t require an internet connection and reach bulk people within a few minutes. 
  • Cost-effective- SMSs are more cost-effective in terms of other communication channels. 
  • Personalization- SMSs can be easily personalized by using the appropriate SMS service providers. This makes audiences more engaged with your brand.

Types Of Automated Text Messages

  • Welcome Message

This is sent to your subscribers when they join you. Then you create a workflow and send them automated welcome messages. 

  • Send Transactional Messages

These are sent to the customers when they have completed their transactions. These include shipping confirmations, delivery updates, booking confirmations, account notifications, etc.

  • Abandoned Cart 

Many times people just add products to their cart and don’t proceed with buying due to many reasons. Hence businesses send offers and discounts on their abandoned carts to encourage people to buy. For this, you simply need to add a link in the SMS sent to them.

  • Special Offers

You can send special customized offers to your subscribers through automated text messages. These are also called promotional messages.

  • Appointment Reminders

This is sent to your customers, leads, or clients when they book an appointment with you. Then you have to timely and constantly send them reminders to ensure they don’t forget.

  • Polls and Surveys

Through automated text messages, you can also collect feedback and reviews from customers for your products and services. This is sent to customers after they purchase from you. 

  • Retail SMS Updates

These include all the messages regarding the status of the orders of customers like the order updates, shipping, and delivery updates. 

  • Drip SMSs

Drip SMSs are a series of customized automated text messages sent to the different segments of the target audience at regular intervals or triggered by their actions.

Examples of Text Automation

SMS automation is the process of triggering text messages based on certain rules or conditions that have been set up by you. Once they are set up then it doesn’t require any manual work unless you want to make any changes in them.

The conditions could be anything you want. Here are some examples:-

  1. Order updates
  2. Check Account transactions
  3. Check Abandoned shopping cart reminders
  4. Check One-time passwords for two-step verification
  5. Welcome messages
  6. Check Appointment reminders and follow-ups
  7. Check Automated keyword response
  8. Check Recurring text messages
  9. Account updates
  10. Check Password reset
  11. Check Two-Factor Authentication
  12. Check Fraudulent activity alerts

Best Applications for Sending Automated Messages

1. Twilio

Twilio is one of the leading SMS service providers in the market. It is very convenient for people with a non-technical background as it has no code features and its user interface is very convenient to use. It offers many APIs with which you can build SMS messaging, phone number redirection, and other services. Some of the most prominent companies in the market like Netflix, Uber, and Airbnb use Twilio. With many marketing automation applications like HubSpot, Zoho, Zapier, etc. You are required to build your application but with Twlio you simply have to use its APIs and use its no code features. It can also integrate with many marketing tools. Its pricing is reasonable.

2. SimpleTexting

This is one of the best SMS service providers and generates really quick results. Its user interface is very intuitive. It’s very easy to generate SMS marketing campaigns by using it. With its keyword tab, you can set up a keyword and get all the new leads on your SMS list. Whenever a person subscribes to you then the autoresponder will immediately respond to them with a text message with a discount code and the option that if they want to know more about your brand.

You can also send your customers text messages to collect surveys and polls. It also has an analytics tab that helps you to get detailed analytics of SMS marketing campaigns. It will provide you information like the number of new subscribers, keywords they’re using to join, number of autoresponders triggered, number of people unsubscribed, and their responses. You can even leave notes and assign conversations to your teammates. 

3. SliceText

This is a marketing-focused app that is ideal for collecting phone numbers and sending mass marketing messages. It can collect phone numbers in many ways. There is a wizard that guides you through the configuration of sending the first message. It has many marketing tools like opt-in web forms, website pop-ups, text surveys, automatic opt-in links, coupons, contests, promo codes, loyalty programs, etc. SliceText has many customizable templates. It can also integrate with Zapier and other marketing applications and tools.

4. EZ Texting

This is one of the best SMS service providers for people who don’t have much technical knowledge. It also has customer service tools. With it, you can create and run various types of SMS marketing campaigns. You can also configure a signup keyword in the keywords and numbers tab. In its reporting tab, you can view the analytics and report.  There are very clear instructions and guidance to use in every functionality and area. Also, you can schedule a call with the customer service department if you need more assistance. It has paid and free subscriptions.


SMS marketing is the most preferred marketing technique of businesses due to its numerous advantages. For this businesses automate their text messages for various segments of audiences. The automated text messages can be very well customized and personalized for various or even individuals if you are using an appropriate SMS service provider. Businesses must understand the importance of automated text messages and how they can enhance their marketing strategies to a great extent.

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