15 advanced Free SEO Chrome Extensions for SEO user

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March 31, 2023

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Search Engine Optimization, in-short SEO, is helping the websites to shine like a sun in the Search Engine. Suppose you build-up your e-commerce website and your next motive is to upsurge its ranking in Google, so have you heard about the SEO activities? You can achieve this goal. SEO activity can help you to drive more traffic, improve website ranking, close sales deals, and give you more such remarkable functions. Nevertheless, many want to improve their SEO work. Therefore, it’s better to know about free chrome extensions that can be used in your browser and beneficial for maximizing your precious time. Make sense! 

Bear in mind: Every free SEO Chrome extension for lead generation is different as they have multiple features but different from each other. Some extensions of Chrome are introduced for the motive of “Rank Checking” and some presented for the purpose of “Keyword Research”. The question is what’s so important for you? Let us empower you as we decided to unlock some of the great SEO extensions of Google Chrome that you should be aware of.

The Best Free SEO chrome extensions to boost your SEO effort

You landed in the right place if you are curious to know about free SEO extensions of chrome.

Keyword Research

Daily, the activity of every SEO users is to research the keyword and find out which one is accurate to use in the content. Can’t ignore this activity. Get aware of the free chrome extensions for keyword research-

1: SEOStack Keyword Tool

This free SEO extension is best for the keyword research tool and helpful for your content marketing and SEO work. The specialty of this tool of SEO is to generate 1000s of low competition, long-tail keywords from various search engines, and much more. And the core functionality is all the data can be exported to CSV. You can delete those keywords that are no use to you or you can say not work for you. It’s good to work with this tool because it is available in every language. 

SEOStack Keyword Tool

2: TextOptimizer

The tool is well known as the Writing assistant tool which is basically to write rich content that does not copy one and is correct one to increase the search ranking in Google. The tool called TextOptimizer will surely optimize your content which enables you to not only increase the ranking but also you will see more traffic. You can optimize for both Google and Bing when using this free chrome extension. Now illustrate the content that you like when using TextOptimizer. 


3: Keyword Surfer

The tool called Keyword Surfer helps you check the search volume directly from the Google Search result. You will get many such stellar features here such as get similar keyword searches for 70 countries, help you in word count, exact keyword top-ranking page, and much more. While getting such amazing functions, no need for paid tools now when this free extension for SEO activity is available. Also, you will get a Cost per Click for your Primary keyword. 

On-page SEO

Let’s understand which beneficial SEO extensions are outstanding and help to improve your web pages. Have a look

4: Hreflang Tag Checker

So the first one that we are going to talk about is the Hreflang Tag checker which is basically to automate the process of checking hreflang tag deployment in sites. A unique tool of on-page SEO which not only read out URLs hreflang tag but also beneficial for you because it crawls them to access. When it’s about accessing a site’s language targeting and hreflang architecture, this tool is wonderful for you because it saves your quality of time here. 

Hreflang Tag Checker

5: SEOInfo

You are looking for plenty of free chrome extensions for your on-page activity and we would say SEOInfo is also a reliable one for your work. It not only displays performance data but also perfect for showing errors for HTML Pages. This SEO extension shows you full AMP Status and the best part is, navigate your for the errors regarding SEO and we guess this is amazing. More such features it has- save reports in different tabs, you can save the assets file easily as Excel file, etc.


6: Free Backlink Checker by LRT

The next eminent chrome extension for SEO we want to uncover is “Free backlink Checker by LRT”. The name simply indicates that it will check the links on a page for your SEO activity. You can get Follow, Internal, External, no-follow links quickly while using this exceptional tool. Worth it! Analyzing all the links is not so challenging for this advanced tool as fast-import of link data is possible when using “Free backlink Checker by LRT”. 

Free Backlink Checker by LRT

Rank Checking

If you are curious to know which tool is right to monitor the ranking of SERPs then just read out the jotted points below-

7: SEO Search Simulator by Nightwatch

The first free SEO Chrome extension for rank checking is SEO Search Simulator by Nightwatch where simulating search engine queries from any location is possible. Furthermore, you are able to track your website ranking and your competitor’s website ranking. You can watch whether the URL is ranking in the top 100 or not. 

SEO Search Simulator by Nightwatch

8: SERPTrends SEO Extension

Want to monitor your Google, Yahoo, or we would say Bingo searches? Your search to find such tools comes to end because we are highlighting now the SERPTrends SEO Extension that is regarding this feature. It shows the dynamic for the search results within the search page. When you search one thing most of the time, it highlights the ranking movements in the SERPs. We must say that the toll is remarkable for SEO and SEM Specialists.



To do multiple SEO tasks in a single time, we will explore some irreplaceable extensions of SEO with you. 

9: Ahrefs SEO Toolbar

The entire metrics of SEO you will get in your web browser and check the broken links when using this stellar tool called Ahrefs SEO Toolbar. Do you want to know what metrics you will get? Let us inform you that it will show metrics of page, domain, and keywords and it is for visited URLs and search results. This chrome extension for SEO shows you the report of title and description, word count, Canonical URL, Localisation, Header and subheader, and much more. 

Ahrefs SEO

10: SEO Minion

One of the most special and top-notch SEO tool extensions is SEO Minion which is a plus point for every SEO user regarding their activity. You can do activities such as On-page SEO analysis, Broken link checking, SERP Preview, and much more. Thanks to this tool for helping you in many ways like highlighting all links, Google search location simulator, Hreflang checker, SERP Utilities, etc. 

SEO Minion

11: MozBar

Get the instant metric while using this dominant tool called MozBar. If your goal is to get free chrome extensions that can be helpful for the entire SEO activity then you must endeavor for MozBar. Here you are allowed to create custom searches by the search engine, region, or by country and also exporting the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) analysis to the CSV file is absolutely possible. You will get to know about Keyword Difficulty, Page Optimization, and More metrics. 


Technical SEO

It’s time to improve your search ranking and your website from the technical points. We are going to enlist some points regarding Free SEO tools in chrome. Let’s dig in

12: Link Redirect Trace

A tool we have that can do multiple activities as it analyzes HTTP Headers, robots.txt, Link power, trust, and risk analyzed, and much more for you. We must say that this tool is all in one solution because it has the power to show you a complete picture of redirects and that is all you need. You have a chance to find out your lost “Link Juice” and yes, it redirects to check whether the SEO is user-friendly or not. 

Link Redirect Trace

13: Google Lighthouse

One of the stellar latest SEO Tools for your work is Google Lighthouse which has the specialty to improve and bring changes in your web apps. It can correct your mistakes and can surely improve the quality of your web apps. Generating the report can be possible as this latest SEO tool will tell you how well the page did. Use can operate the failing tests as an indicator or inform you regarding how to improve the application. 

Google Lighthouse

14: AMP Validator

We are sharing the free SEO tools with you and now our next tool to unhide is AMP Validator. The crucial role of this chrome extension for SEO activity is to automatically check each for AMP Validation. It will check the current page whether it is an AMP Page or not. After that, it runs via an AMP validator. It will also report you if the pages pass or fail with the help of the extension icon. Use such an exceptional free SEO Chrome extension today regarding these activities. 

15: OpenLink Structured Data Sniffer

One of the most common and compelling free SEO Chrome extensions is OpenLink Structured Data Sniffer. It has a role to discover the metadata embedded within HTML documents. The extension supports Microdata, TURTLE, POSH, RDFa, and many more. You can understand the document of HTML about what is easy and it is for both end-users and developers. It is outstanding for Semantic Search Engine Optimization, Digital Content Manager, and for Digital Brand Manager. 

OpenLink Structured Data  Sniffer

Concluding remarks: Challenging? Yes, of course, it is. The concluding part of this article is the entire activity of SEO is important but always the user gets confused to select the tool for their activity. Admittedly, they get confused because there is an enormous number of best chrome extensions that are available and have top-notch features for your work. Now we ease your efforts as you don’t need to search and just search to find out those remarkable extensions. Read out the above top 15 for various activities and select which one is right for you.

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