SEO Journey For Beginners

Author Image By Ashish Dwivedi

Last Updated: December 12, 2023

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SEO & SEO Journey , Search Engine Optimization, seems easy stuff? Get some competitor list, pull backlinks, pushing people to visit a site and you do? Yes, you started to get some traffic and you feel you may be good over time passes? Expert says “Content is king”, now you started pushing more and content like 4-5 each, again you feel you will be good.

  1. Do you check DA/PA/ Alexa regularly? Feeling fluctuations?
  2. Those negative fluctuations make you crazy?
  3. Did you noticed “Bounce Rate”?
  4. Did you still started to use “Google analytics” or “Webmaster”
  5. Are you getting mad at your SEO team for not getting good results, your competitors are on high DA/PA.

So a lot of confusion, a lot of worries and a lot of madness? Feeling no way? Thinking to hire high-quality experts? Does that mean more pay for your new business?

So exactly what is this SEO, why it is so difficult? Why it needs so much dedication?

Before starting, Let me share my painful story with this. Yes, SEO Journey is a pain, until/unless you did not take it correctly. Many things you may learn from my story. I have learned a lot of things with my mistakes below.

Mistake #1

Never start many sites together with similar content. Always start with only one domain.

Trust in Umbrella brand, try to put everything into the same domain, when you start SEO for more than one site for similar products or services, unfortunately, you are enemy yourself. Focusing on one domain, pushing all efforts to single domain looks far better to me.

Mistake #2

Trust someone else for your SEO plans!!

You may call me insane, but that’s true, your business SEO can only be done by your own strategic plans, no one else can understand what you need, how fast you want to grow. Put yourself to learn new things like webmaster, google analytics.

Mistake #3

Start without complete research: You must start any website with complete research of designs, UI and everything!

Mistake #4

Speed Speed Speed, Yes, Speed is big game thing, if you pages are loaded fast, you are good into eyes of Google.

Mistake #5

Planning to duplicate content for getting more indexed pages..

NO NO NO, don’t plan any shortcut, Google knows everything. Please honest for your content. Put a fresh content each time, your content must be a strong answer to any question or query.

Mistake #6

Always keep eyes on good quality Backlinks, always get rid of bad quality Backlinks. Seriously bad links are no benefits to you, get rid of them asap.


#1 They call,” Content is the king”, I am the verdict of this, I call “Trust” is the king. Content is one part to build trust. 

#2 Plan to get consumer-generated content: start getting comments on your blogs, start forums, encourage users to put their questions/queries related to products.

#3 Make yourself as a brand: Tell clients to refund policies, ensure them for best quality products/services. Ensure they have good support when needed.

#4 Cover up your content with Images / Videos: Try to have images after a few paragraphs with ALT tags.

#5 GIVE a few free things: Let clients enjoy few things in free if there are possibilities.

#6 Campaigns: do campaigns on a regular basis. Push campaigns on morning time for your customers.

#7 Customer Customer, they are a God: Customers are key for your business, let them feel special everything they visit to your site.

#8 Push Hard on Social Media: Get a list of all social media of your choice, make a priority list, get hard with them.

Verdict: They call “Content is king”, I learned “Trust is the king”. Content is one part to build trust. There will be several parts like customer feedback, product quality, your support to clients or speed.

Above is just my learnings, written to help someone else who is going to be on the same roads. Someone else may have better strategies.

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