SuiteCRM Task Router

SuiteCRM Task Router

Group Tasks Template Creator

  • Create a group tasks templates for the repetitive tasks
  • Only create a task template once and assign to it multiple users
  • Increase productivity by saving you from creating repetitive tasks
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SuiteCRM Task RouterIf you are assigning tasks manually, it can make your team vulnerable to committing mistakes. There are some cases where you need to assign a set of same tasks to different people. And doing this manually over and over again will consume a lot of unnecessary time. We have developed a solution called “SuiteCRM Task Router” to help you in this situation. The ability to auto-assign tasks increases your speed and efficiency. You can assign the pre-built set of tasks to anyone as soon as they are ready. This approach will help eliminate waiting time and prevent reworking since you’ve already created the task templates.

Features of SuiteCRM Task Router

  • Create Tasks Templates: Using this plugin, you can create multiple sets of tasks for various workflows. This allows you to group related tasks once and use them over and over again.
  • Assign Task Templates: From the sub-panel of the record, you can assign these task templates to anyone and all tasks within a template will get assigned to the record.
  • Select Task Deadline: While creating tasks, you can swiftly select the deadline like within 30 mins, 1 hour, a day, etc.
  • Use with any module: The plugin can be used with any module of SuiteCRM. You just simply need to choose the group task template from the sub-panel.
  • Check Task’s status and priority: You can also check the priority and status of the task in the sub-panel.
  • Avoid repetition, Save time: If you’re using this plugin then you won’t need to create the same tasks for different users again and again. Just create a template and assign it to whomever you want.

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