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SuiteCRM Data Encryption

SuiteCRM GDPR Compliance

  • Automatically save encrypted data in the database
  • Become FIPS and GDPR compliant
  • Protect data with application-level encryption

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SuiteCRM Bulk SMSA business should always use encryption technology to protect customer data in unforeseen circumstances like database breaches. Having data encrypted also makes sure that your company complies with data protection guidelines such as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standard), CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act), etc.

SuiteCRM Data Encryption plugin converts original sensitive data into an unreadable version of the data using complex algorithms. Encryption provides an extra data security layer by limiting data loss even if access controls are bypassed.

Use Case: Suppose a database gets compromised and a hacker breaks in and obtains sensitive data, that stolen information will still be unreadable and useless because it’s encrypted. Encrypted contents are basically unreadable for third parties who should not have access to data.

Features of SuiteCRM Data Encryption

  • Select desired module and field: This plugin gives you the flexibility to choose the modules and their respective fields. Only data in the selected fields will be encrypted in the database.
  • Automatic data encryption: The customer data that you put in the selected fields will automatically get encrypted in the database.
  • Data Masking: It means you can encrypt the sensitive data in the database but authorized users will still be able to view the readable and usable data. The information will be unaltered on the front-end user interface.
  • GDPR and FIPS Compliant: This plugin is developed by keeping the data processing guidelines of GDPR and FIPS. Article 32 of GDPR mandates the encryption of customers’ PII (Personal Identifiable Information).
  • Compatible with Custom Modules: Just like all our plugins, data encryption is also compatible with custom as well as core modules in SuiteCRM.

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 User Guide

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