Weekly Tech News of May’s Fourth Week 2024

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Last Updated: May 24, 2024

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“Copilot+PC” A New Launch of Microsoft, Designed to Enhance AI Potentiality

Microsoft bring to light its new launch called “Copilot+ PCs”, an innovative category of Windows devices that has been uncovered at an event. The one which has been specially designed for unparalleled AI and to enhance its capabilities, including Recall, Cocreator, and Live Captions. Equipped with cutting-edge silicon and extensive AI integration.

Coplit+PCs offers a powerful silicon capability of 40+ TOPS, Surface Pro, and Surface Laptop functionality, built-in security to offer the Microsoft Pluton Security processor. This new launch of Microsoft provides a Live Captions feature to facilitate communication by offering real-time translations across various applications and platforms. Additionally, Pre-orders begin, starting at $999 with promising exceptional value and performance.

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A More Premium Journalism Experience to OpenAI’s Users, The Outcomes of Open AI and News Corp’s Partnership

OpenAI and News Corp join a historic partnership to integrate premium journalism into OpenAI products to drive high-quality content for media and technology. Content from News Corp’s renowned publications, including The Wall Street Journal and The Times to enhance OpenAI’s offerings.

Furthermore, to ensure more reliable information to their users. In addition to this, News Corp will contribute journalistic expertise to uphold the highest standards of journalism, ensuring accuracy, integrity, and reliability in OpenAI’s offerings.

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Keynotes From AWS Summit, held on 22nd of May 2024

AWS Summit in Los Angeles on the 22nd of May 2024 has done its more than 100 sessions on AI including AWS’s Support for Machine Learning Workloads and analytics. The highlights of the AWS summit include generative AI‘s transformative potential and AWS’s robust infrastructure partnerships. The successive story of AWS from Lonely Planet and PGA TOUR showcases AWS’s impact on efficiency, cost reduction, and enhanced user experiences which was registered on May 22.

This AWS Summit was engaged with AWS Experts and Explore Expo including the keynotes by Matt Wood: Transformative Potential of Generative AI, Partnerships with NVIDIA, and In-House Chips. Additionally PGA TOUR’s Use of AWS: Real-Time Data Analysis, Predictive Insights and Personalized Content, and Amazon Bedrock for Generative AI.

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What New Alexa Has in Store for You, Let’s Find Out

Alexa, Amazon’s cloud-based voice service that has the power of millions of devices is now offering intuitive interactions as well. The new Alexa’s built-in features allow Universe to integrate, Alexa into devices and create voice-forward products accordingly. Enterprise solutions like Alexa for Business and Hospitality enhance workplace efficiency and guest experiences.

Therefore, let’s explore tools, APIs, documentation available for developers, and support for seamless voice experiences. Plus, let’s have the experience of Alexa’s Integration into devices or products directly for Businesses to voice-enable workplaces and applications.

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