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Last Updated: July 5, 2024

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Presenting Meta 3D Gen Model: Create your text-to-3D pipeline in less than a minute

Meta 3D Gen Model

Meta 3D Gen (3DGen) is an innovative text-to-3D pipeline generator that produces high-fidelity 3D shapes and textures in under a minute.

Meta 3D Gen Model supports physically-based rendering (PBR) for real-world applications and better performance. It combines Meta 3D AssetGen for text-to-mesh generation and Meta 3D TextureGen for fast and consistent text-to-texture generation.

AssetGen outputs high-quality meshes with detailed textures that achieve superior performance over competitors. Plus, it uses text-to-image models to create high-resolution textures swiftly. Using 3DGen, which excels in prompt fidelity and visual quality, you can outperform the industry baselines. Moreover, we can highlight “ICON” and “SceneDiffusion” for pose optimization and layered scene editing in NeRF and diffusion models, respectively.

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MOSHI, the master of AI, automates image generation, internal linking, quick publishing, and content creation.

Moshi AI Assistant

Moshi is an experimental conversational AI for generating high-quality blog articles. Which provides seamless content creation for bloggers, digital marketers, and e-commerce sites.

Moshi supports to 28 languages, various writing tones, effortless formatting, automatic image generation, smart internal linking, and instant publishing to platforms like WordPress and Shopify.

Moshi produces SEO-ready, well-structured content that ensures professional-looking articles with minimal effort. Additionally, enhance engagement and SEO with automatic internal links. The AI-driven capabilities of Moshi make it an efficient tool for maintaining blogs and scaling content production without requiring a credit card.

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What’s Novel is Now Available in Figma, Let’s Try Something Fresh

Now you are allowed to enhance your collaboration between design and development teams using Figma by providing a shared design file with essential tools.

It offers features like Auto Layout for consistent design, batch editing for efficiency, AI-generated mockups, and prototypes for quick testing. In Dev Mode, you are allowed to inspect designs, track progress, and access component code.

Figma supports seamless communication with chat and comment functions and also provides a single source of truth for all team members. This integration streamlines the product development process and ensures that all disciplines can view, understand, and contribute to the project in a centralized location.

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Use the Latest Keras 3 Machine Learning Framework to Obtain a Versatile Development Environment

Keras 3: Machine Learning

Meet the latest Keras 3 machine learning framework, a very flexible tool for developers that supports JAX, PyTorch, and TensorFlow.

LLM with Keras features Gemma and other large language models of the Google family to cover various workflows, including chat generation, LoRA fine-tuning, model parallelism for large-scale infrastructure, style alignment, and model surgery.

Keras 3 aims to teach both basic and advanced LLM workflows. Additionally, it encourages joining community groups to meet developers, discover local groups, and build a global network. Continuous learning opportunities are also available here to help you in growing your skills with Google technology.

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