Top AI SEO Tools for 2024 to Outrank Your Competitors

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Last Updated: January 30, 2024

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If you landed here on this post, you must be a blogger or website owner struggling to secure a higher-ranking position. Putting in effort and resources and still not getting enough traffic can annoy a webmaster. 

Search engine optimization is very important to take your website to the top and retain your position. Manually optimizing your website is a very time-consuming task. You need expert SEO skills and knowledge of the latest trends or changes in Google algorithms.

If you cannot beat your competitors even after spending a lot of resources and valuable time, you need to get help from AI-powered SEO tools.

Best AI-Powered SEO Tools to Outrank Your Competitors and Strengthen Your Position in SERPs

When it comes to AI-powered SEO tools, you need to know that a single tool cannot help you get to the top. This is why we have listed multiple tools that can tackle multiple search engine requirements.

  1. Word Stream – Optimize Keywords

The keyword optimizer tool by word stream is one of the best AI solutions for finding the right keywords. You can discover the keywords that relate to your niche with just a single click. All you have to do is enter the focused KW or your site’s URL and let the tool suggest the most authentic keywords related to your industry and the state you are targeting.

The tool would bring 50-500 relevant keywords and inform you about their search volume, competition, top-of-page bid, and other metrics. You can choose the high search volume keywords you can naturally adjust in your content. By doing so, you can make yourself visible to the search engine.

Keyword optimization is very important to make your place on the SERPs. Without KWs in your website content or blogs, you would never be able to identify your niche or category to the search engine, thus being unable to target the audience looking for your products/services.

  1. Open AI GPT – Generate Content

High-quality content is what you need to get on the top shelves. If you cannot achieve higher search results, you probably don’t have engaging content for your visitors. If you are not good at writing content relevant to your niche, you can get help from this AI text-generative tool.

Open AI can provide you with initial drafts for your website or blog. All you have to do is give the tool the right topic and a detailed prompt. It would write a detailed piece of content you can personalize and use for your site.

You cannot only use the tool for creating content but also get a complete article outline, topic suggestions, and unique ideas that resonate with your target audience’s interest and search intent. Writing on these topics can help you improve your position in the SERPs.

An important point you need to know is that this AI text generative tool is ideal for getting a basic draft or framework. The content generated by this tool might not always sound natural, so it is best to personalize it and add a human touch before posting it.

  1. – AI Sentence Rephraser

This online rephraser is one of the most helpful tools for a webmaster. Regarding search engine optimization, the most crucial requirement of Google is high-quality and natural content. If the text you have added to your site is written in a complex language, sounds artificial, or is plagiarized, you would not only lose your chances of getting on the top but also face penalties from the search engine.

This free rephraser tool can help webmasters and bloggers polish their content. The tool uses natural language processing and machine learning technologies, which help it understand the context of existing text and explain it in different yet simple words without damaging the original context.

You can use the rephrase for multiple purposes using its different modes. You can rephrase content to a better quality and make it easier for the target audience to understand. You can also use it to remove plagiarism from your text and employ its services to recycle old ideas with a fresh perspective.

You can even humanize AI-written content with this online sentence rephraser, making it a popular option!

  1. – Build Backlinks

Backlinks are very important to get on the top and outrank your competitors. Without a strong backlink profile, there is no way you could win the search engine’s trust. provides an AI backlink builder tool to help your site chase the right backlinks.

You can easily get a complete list of websites relevant to your target category. Building links with such sites can help you get a vote of confidence that you are ready to climb to the top search pages.

Against every keyword you provide, the tool will get you more than 100 sites.

You can also find out about the backlinks built by your competitors. Using this data, you can target those sites and outsmart your competitors.

Here an important point you need to note is that the search engine would analyze your link profile based on quality and not quantity.

So, when building links, you must chase the sites with higher domain authority and good ranking.

  1. Page Speed Insights – Improve Load Time

Page speed insights are among the many AI resources in the Google marketing tool kit. This tool is best for webmasters who want to ensure their sites have a fast loading time. If your website doesn’t load fast, you will experience a higher bounce rate and sink in the SERPs.

Today, the attention span of visitors on the web has drastically decreased, and you merely have two to three seconds to have them wait for your website to open. If your site takes more time to load, then ym7 out of 10 visitors would shut it down.

This AI tool can help you check how fast your website loads, and based on the results, it suggests the strategies following which you can use to easily improve the speed of your web pages. The tool would help you provide a better user experience and improve your ranking position.

End Words

Artificial intelligence has changed how we work in different industries and now is the time you start using AI tools to streamline tasks that otherwise require human efforts. Search engine optimization is modifying your website or store according to the guidelines and likings of the search engine, google in particular.

Manual optimization strategies can take time, effort, and financial resources. Even then, you would not be able to beat the competition who already enjoys the power of AI tools. To get the top search results, you must use the top AI-powered SEO tools.

In this guide, we have mentioned the five most helpful utilities that can help you tackle different seo requirements while saving time and effort. We hope that you will see significant improvements in your website’s position after using these tools.

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