Your First CRM : Plan Your Server

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SuiteCRM / SugarCRM Hosting

Why this article was written so far?

: Because Server Plays Big Role :

The whole business is going to run on CRM software, planning a scalable server is going to mean in many ways.

  • Several simultaneous users using the application in many tabs.
  • Several internal Schedules jobs will run.
  • Several huge reports will be running.
  • Several Outgoing third party API services will run.
  • Several Incoming API requests may be there.
  • Few Backups/Replications jobs.
  • Several per minute jobs like pulling inbound emails.

SugarCRM and Suitecrm Hosting

Did you notice something? No? Let me explain the whole thing...

When you are planning a CRM that is obviously made to grow faster, you should also plan a perfect Linux server, which is capable to tune up as you grow. Here are things you need to plan.

  • How fast I can raise CPU core if quickly needed?
  • How fast I can raise RAM if needed?
  • How fast I can take a complete backup?
  • How secure is my server?
  • What are my data backup plan, what will be downtime if something happens?
  • How much data loss will be there if I got any disaster? One hour , 4 hours , a day or a week?

So Let me plan your first server for you. I am loving Fan of AWS. 

If you are into a new business, under 10 employees, let’s plan a cheap and best solution.

  • CPU: 2 cores
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Disk: HDD

Disk Planning is well explained here...Click Here

Let’s talk about AWS monthly price for it:  Look at this Page for above. Choose your nearest data center. I am here taking US East ( N. Virginia ): Price is around 37$.

Disk Planning

For HDD storage: AWS charge

Let us take 100 GB, it costs 4.5$

So around 42$ month. AWS comes with huge free bandwidth, so I am sure your monthly bills will be maxed around 45$ per month.

And what are you getting in these 45$?

A well Scalable dedicated machine, which runs 24*7 dedicated for you, comes with huge security backbone by AWS. AWS comes with many useful features like

One click Complete backup (AMI)

One click Restore

Scale your CPU , RAM , Disk Instantly.

And Tons of more services..

So Here you go plan for server, Your business grown over time, let’s say after one year picture.

This server will be going a little slow over time, once you start making money, go with some high ranges like.

  • 4 Core CPU
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 100 GB SSD

Now let us take a picture of costs now.

So machine charges are just doubled once you are starting to have rich traffic and making good money. Your overall charges be less than 100$.

Rates of SSD storage is somewhere 1$ for 10GB.

If you choosing your CRM, rather than starting with shared hosting which comes poor speed and performance, give a chance to AWS, spent little more with shared hosting and get huge benefits. Once you have a great business profit, plan to scale your server according to your new needs. Ask your server guys to send you regular reports for server health”.

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For more details, Videos, and Documentation for this add-on, please Click here.

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