Content Marketing: How to Optimize Content for SEO and Lead Generation?

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Last Updated: May 20, 2024

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We all know that, content marketing is one of the powerful yet cost-effective marketing techniques that is being used by businesses all around the world. It involves the creation and distribution of valuable content for the targeted audience on a regular basis. 

But keep this in mind that, content marketing will only provide you (the business) with the required results, when the content is perfectly optimized for both SEO and lead generation. And guess what…? This is definitely not an easy task, but impossible as well. 

In this article, we are going to discuss the procedure of how to efficiently optimize the content for SEO and lead generation

Tips To Optimize Content for SEO and Lead Generation

Below are some of the effective tips on how to optimize content for SEO and lead generation:

  • Use Keywords: 

Keywords are terms or phrases that are used to describe what a particular piece of content is about. Incorporating keywords into content is essential for optimizing content for SEO and lead generation.

When it comes to SEO, keywords play an important role in helping search engines index your blogs and articles. When you include relevant keywords in your content, it increases the chances of your content appearing in SERP (SERPs), which can help drive more organic traffic to your website.

As you may have noticed, when you run a Google search, the words of your query are shown in bold in the SERP results. The bold parts are the keywords that are adjusted in the meta descriptions:To find relevant keywords, there are several online SEO Checker tools such as Ahref and Moz. These kinds of tools work by taking a specific keyword, then providing some of the most relevant and searchable

keyword. For better understanding, we are going to use Ahref. We have searched “Office Chair” and you can see in the image below how the tool has provided relevant keywords including their searched volume as well.

  • Focus on Readability of Content: 

Content readability is integral for SEO and lead generation because it helps to ensure that readers are able to quickly and accurately comprehend the material that is presented to them.

From an SEO perspective, content readability helps search engine crawlers to efficiently scan and understand what a piece of content is trying to discuss/convey. Obviously, when search engines like Google have an efficient understanding of the content, they can rank it accordingly. 

When it comes to lead generation, the readability of content can be a deciding factor. If the content is simple to understand, the leads will be most likely to spend more time reading. This will further increase the chances of them making up purchases. 

In order to optimize content for SEO and lead generation, one of the simplest ways to improve the readability of your content is to utilize paraphrasing. In other words, if you find that your content is too complicated, you can try paraphrasing it in order to make it simpler.

This can either be done manually or by using online paraphrasing tools. These tools work by taking a piece of content and then rephrasing it by replacing difficult words with their suitable synonyms, resulting in improved readability. 

Let us explain this with an example. We are going to paraphrase online a complex piece of content to show how the tool will improve its readability. 

As can be seen in the image, the tool has rephrased complex words into simple ones by replacing difficult words with their synonyms.

  • Keep the Content Concise:

Content conciseness is necessary to optimize the content for both: users and search engines. In places like the Meta description and blog excerpts, the content often has to be shortened. On the other hand, concise content can also help with readability (something we’ve mentioned extensively above).

You can keep your content concise and understandable either by manually shortening the length of the sentences or using a summarizing tool. But if you think you will not be able to do it manually, then there are a number of summarizing tools available online.

And do you know? potential leads prefer reading content that is short and to the point. 

  • Optimize for Mobile:

As the number of mobile users continues to grow, so does the importance of optimizing content for mobile devices. Optimizing content for mobile devices is essential for SEO and lead generation.

For content to be optimized for mobile, it must be responsive, meaning it must adjust to the size of the device it’s being viewed on. Content must also be optimized for speed since users don’t have the patience to wait for content to load. This means: 

  • using images that are small in terms of size (storage).
  • using fewer scripts and plugins.
  • And compressing files.

  • Use Internal and External Links: 

Adding both internal and external links to the content can also be a great way to optimize it for SEO and lead generation. 

Internal links are basically ones that redirect the potential reader/lead from one webpage of a website to another page of the same site. These allow both search engines and leads to explore different pages of the content to get familiar with more content. For Canadian businesses, partnering with reputable Seo services in Canada is recommended to maximize local SEO impact. Seo services in Canada have specialized knowledge of regional search behavior and competitors to get qualified traffic.

Due to this reason, you will find a number of internal/external links in the blog posts of reputable websites such as NY Times, and HubSpot. To explain this, you can see the image above of a HubSpot blog. You can see they have added a number of internal/external links so that users can get more information about the topic.

On the other hand, external links are ones that redirect from one website to another. Adding them to the content increases its overall credibility and authority. This is so because, these allow both search crawlers and readers to verify the given information from an external source. 

That is why, it is always to recommended to only add external links of websites that are highly credible and authoritative.

  • Promote Your Content: 

The promotion of created content can also help in optimizing for SEO and lead generation. This is essential because if a brand or organization does not promote its content, then how it can grab the attention of the targeted audience? 

There are a number of ways through which you can efficiently promote marketing content. For example, you can make use of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, etc. And the good thing is that, these platforms do not charge a single penny from the users.

Apart from this, you can also promote content by approaching the targeted audience through email. This is also a totally free way of promotion. 

Final Verdict:

There is no doubt that content marketing is a successful marketing technique. However it will only become successful when its content is perfectly tailored according to the requirements of search engines and potential customers. In this article, we how you can do this in detail, hope you will this article helpful.

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