How easy is it to make an SMS platform using Twilio SMS API?

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Last Updated: December 21, 2023

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Your customers are happy when you communicate with them via calling channels and there are many other platforms where you can integrate it easily with your business tool. After all, customer satisfaction and sharing seamless experience matter the most for every venture. But today not here to raise the matter of Call channels as we decided to highlight one more that is not only crucial for your business but also can assist for the business growth and development and that is Twilio SMS API.

Sometimes organizations like to make a good connection through the SMS channel, so no doubt you can meet up with some of the great SMS tools. But the worth of writing this article is to inform you that Twilio has changed the level of communication and keeps the business more stronger than before. And, one of the platforms you need to adapt today is Twilio API SMS. Why? Well, there were many questions like why to choose or how it will enrich your experience? Correct? We have assembled some points below and we will inform you with a proper definition too that what actually it is. Let’s move ahead

What is SMS API?

If looking to put your hands on one of the most effective tools for communication then let’s endeavour for the SMS API which should be in your priority to send an SMS to your customers. Are you running your Call center industry? Hope you all adopt this platform which is easy and even cheaper for your business to communicate through SMS.

what is sms api

Is it useful? Of course, it is useful as here SMS API is able to personalize bulk SMS to your customers, allow users for the two-way communication and one more thing it enables OTPs. We guess after getting such an exceptional feature, it can strengthen your business to work for the higher level.

How does this Twilio SMS API work for you?

Now if you are very well aware of this platform after reading out the above definition, it’s time to keep your eyeballs here and think that how this platform will work for you. Well, many of you are a novice in this business, it’s important to understand the platform so that you can guide your staff. 

twilio sms api work

This Twilio SMS API is an HTTP based REST API which allows every user just to trigger every SMS that you want to send with the assistance of action/button. The whole process will be conducted at your internal application. You can say that this SMS API is just like a code which allows every communication to be managed from one platform to another. Bear in mind: 3 points you need to know

  • Sending an SMS in many ways including formats
  • Receive the text messages
  • Current time status report

Benefits for using Twilio API SMS

Understood the whole concept of working even with the proper definition? It’s time to get aware of some of the benefits of Twilio API SMS that how it gives suitable results. Have a look-

Save your extra-efforts when usingTwilio SMS API

Twilio is always considered to be the most stellar and superior platform for the business and the reason is it saves the manual efforts of the users. Just like the same you will learn here in SMS API that it automates the process of sending and receiving messages.

Your goal is to hike up the workflow and want to reduce your too much work efforts? This is totally valid when striving for the communication platform like Twilio API SMS. No need to send a message one by one, you can schedule the time and the message will be sent. This is the big advantage as your team employees can focus more on other crucial tasks.

Want to get information on sending receiving messages?

This feature is worth as if you are running an industry like Human Resource Management or Banking industry, you want to track the status like messages delivery time etc. This can be possible when using this SMS communication platform.

You can also go through the audit process and check out why other messages that your employee has delivered didn’t reach to your customer. Moreover, you have a chance to adapt the feature like tagging in this SMS platform.

benefits of sms API

For smoothen your SMS communication, try SMS API

Many have already set their mind like working with only that platform which can smoothen their communication and strengthen their marketing strategy. One of them is you, so our suggestion is to get in touch with this SMS platform for your organization.

It allows you to select whether you want to send SMS in bulk or not or via application or group. In-short every user will get the full control when they use Twilio API SMS for their communication matter.

Text message API platform work swiftly and better

Let us tell you the actual fact that every day, around 22 billion messages are sent to customers. Even you can expect more than that because all know the importance of SMS communication these days to make a good connection and strengthen their goals.

In case, if you are in deep search to know which SMS platform you need to put in your business, hope you are paying attention in this blog because Twilio SMS API is cheaper and works rapidly. You are able to manage every text from a single interface.

This Text message API shows clear result to everyone

Want to know the accurate result or details for your business activities? This Text message API is a perfect choice for you all where you get the data of your SMS marketing campaign that your employees did for business.

Every user can track their data too. Big deal! Also, the SMS platform plays an essential role by sending critical messages and even the notification straight to the customers at the correct time.

Used Cases of Twilio SMS API

We guess you all must read out about some used cases where some companies or organization has used this SMS communication platform to reinforce their work.

UBER: How many of you use this application to travel somewhere? If any of you know about this then you all know that the app tells you where the driver is or at what time it will reach you. The entire process is done via SMS messages. Uber uses this SMS platform called SMS API just for the assistance of every user to inform them with complete information.

DELL: Another Twilio SMS API user and that is Dell that uses this platform regarding their order confirmation. Suppose if you made any mistake regarding ordering something, so getting aware of it is not possible but can be valid if you strive for the platform like a text messaging API. Dell needs such a platform which is flexible and gives accurate results and this communication platform is one of them.

INTUIT: For better security and to stay aware of the hacking account and all, Intuit uses this SMS platform and offers the two-factor authentication for you all. This made a great impact on the customers as Intuit is offering the advanced level of security, so a zero percent chance of security breaches.

Role of Twilio API SMS for your application

If you have the application then do you know how this Text messaging API can assist you? We have jotted down three points below, have a look

Firstly, you need to understand about the Autopilot which not only uses the API but also uses NLU and even ML. So, you have an advantage when using this SMS communication, Twilio Autopilot plays its role by using API to inform you what the customers want or what they are looking for.

You can respond to them quickly through the assistance of bot. The Autopilot may help you to focus more on your work which matters the most as you can read out the blog of Twilio Autopilot separately to understand its advanced functions. 

twilio autopilot

Next role of Twilio API SMS is regarding the UNICODE which can help every customer to make use of the character of other languages like Arabic.

Your application must be easy for your customers even if you want to stay connected with the international customers as UNICODE will help you to avoid the situation of bewildering. To handle the character recognition and also encoding you is SMS API duty.

unicode sms api

Last but not least: Custom Logic. Most of the users want some freedom as they want Twilio SMS API work in their application and do what they expected.

With the assistance of Custom logic app, you will get a great chance to build up the workflow and the application will respond to you whatever the message to deliver. If your team developer automates the application more then you don’t need to worry about anything.

custom connector created for Logic Apps

An introduction of SuiteCRM Twilio SMS and its features

Filled up with more and more details of SMS API, now we decided to share about an extension and that is too for your SMS communication purpose. The name is SuiteCRM Twilio SMS. Why to choose it?

You want to make your SMS communication level better and get some great facilities for building up a good relationship with customers. This plugin can help you and save your precious time as you all know that managing communication more quickly saves half of your work. This Twilio platform has some vigorous features like-

Suitecrm Twilio sms and features

Keep every single conversation of your customer

Like you have understood in SuiteCRM Twilio Click to Call, the similar process goes in Twilio SMS platform where you can save conversation of your customers. Many of you want their SMS chat for their business activity but you didn’t remember what campaign of marketing, what message, or what something else you shared with that person. You will get to know when using this extension which saves your conversation and keep it safe forever.

Try Opt-Out option for stopping the conversation

You don’t want that person to send you an SMS or you are just fed up from getting humongous messages one by one in a single day from that person. Try the Twilio SMS addon for your business where there is an Opt-out feature for you which stops your conversation.

All you have to do is just Type and Send STOP that’s it. There is no such complex process if you want to stop the conversation from that side.

Get more engagement with SMS Templates

You have studied and applied for the email templates. Same process here in this extension which offers you a feature of SMS template where it can make your communication level stronger and you have a chance to flaunt your business and your brand via SMS template. This feature is totally worth it and can be beneficial to make more new connections in the future too.

Way forward

Luckily you have an enthusiastic team who want to take your organization into the next level where you face the competition with your competitors. But adapting the superior platform in your business is your duty where your employees can work on that and fulfill all your needs that you expected. One of the platforms is SMS API that we mentioned in this whole blog and this is important for us to aware you because we researched and got to know that millions of people like SMS platforms and considered it as a holistic method if compared with the calling channels. This can change business activity as you can give tough competitions to your customers. Read out the whole content and even the benefits of how it will give positive results.

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