Ashish Dwivedi

Founder & CEO of Outright Systems
Founder of Outright Store

Ashish’s Professional and Academic Background

Ashish Dwivedi is the founder and Chief Technology Officer of OutRight Systems Pvt. Ltd., a software development company focusing on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) development, cloud computing, and website development. With a background and qualification in Mathematics and Computer Science from the world-renowned Kanpur University India, Ashish has been delivering high-quality results for clients for many years. Since founding his company in 2014, Ashish has built a base of clients across many industries for which he has delivered big results. These results are backed up by his skills and industry knowledge. Ashish’s expertise in software development, web applications, web services, CRM and agile methodologies positions him to deliver value-adding projects across many different business areas. His technological background is reinforced with a deep understanding of the world’s most frequently used and high-quality programming languages. From his academic and professional life, Ashish has built an extremely high-level knowledge of SugarCRM, SuiteCRM, JavaScript, HTML, CSS as well as MySQL, AJAX, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Apache. Both technical and industry knowledge cultivated through years of experience through many industries has resulted in gold-standard client work.

Ashish’s Role as Chief Technology Officer

As Chief Technology Officer, Ashish is committed to developing a keen understanding of his client’s problems and the opportunities they present. This means analyzing each business on a case-by-case basis, identifying what can be introduced and optimized, and delivering results. Once Ashish understands the business requirements of his clients, him and his team get to work on delivering exceptional results. Success comes from a strong work ethic and a keen eye towards business solutions. An example of a project Ashish leads from start to finish is implementing CRM systems. Such as system increases productivity levels for his clients and increases overall profitability. Through his role, Ashish identifies areas of development and builds world-class solutions through a great team and clear objectives.

Ashish’s Personality and Work Ethic

Fluent in both Hindi and English, Ashish’s style of communication is perfect for cultivating relationships and delivering success for clients. Through this communication, Ashish listens and understands his clients’ objectives and is always proactive in suggesting better ways of working. When suggesting solutions, Ashish communicates these clearly and then deliver them efficiently and timely. Ashish’s sense of humor ensures that his clients and team enjoy the process and savor the results of achieving a fantastic project together. Good communication lies at the heart of Ashish’s work with his teams and clients.However, good communication is not the only hallmark of Ashish’s work ethic. Ashish has an extremely high attention to detail. This attention to detail means that he sets specific goals, delivers detailed work and adopts a can-do attitude towards any project he works on. This attention to detail means that Ashish understands the exact requirements of each project, down to every detail. Upon this deep understanding of project requirements, Ashish adds his own touches from his bank of skills and abilities. From start to finish, Ashish understands what needs to be done and delivers on each requirement. This attention to detail does not end when a project has been delivered. Ashish cultivates long-lasting professional relationships with everyone he works with. This means that if there is ever a need for follow-up support, consultation or help with any of the projects he has delivered, Ashish will be there to gladly assist and advise.Ashish has been characterized throughout his life as hardworking and highly motivated. This motivation comes from an inherent drive to succeed and to deliver the best results for the people and businesses he works with on a daily basis. As founder and CTO, Ashish gives 100% to each project he is responsible for and is an asset as a leader and a team member. This strong work ethic and motivation to succeed will result in a highly dedicated and results-oriented approach to each project.

Ashish: Expert and Leader

Ashish is both an expert in his field and a leader within his company. Ashish combines a deep technical understanding of all areas of business with a high-level understanding of business requirements and solutions. His ability to analyze a business’s requirements comes from his expert skills in communications combined with understanding the solutions that deliver results. When working with Ashish, you will find him expertly poised to understand what it is you’re looking for, shape clear objectives around achieving this goal and then working towards these objectives with his team in a timely and cost-effective manner.Ashish is proud to be the founder and CTO of OutRight Systems Pvt. Ltd. This pride comes from delivering consistently high-quality work for his clients. This work presents challenges and opportunities for him that he finds enjoyable on a day-to-day basis. Ashish’s work delivers huge value to all businesses he has worked.

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