Ashish Dwivedi

Founder & CEO of Outright Systems
Founder of Outright Store

Ashish’s Professional and Academic Background

Ashish Dwivedi is the founder and Chief Technology Officer of Outright Systems Pvt. Ltd. Outright Systems is a software development company which is dedicated in delivering highly sophisticated business solutions concentrating on Customer Relationship Management (CRM), cloud computing, and website development. Ashish Dwivedi holds a degree in mathematics and computer science from the highly acclaimed Kanpur university of India. Decades of experience has helped him gain in depth knowledge and understanding of the industry. Outright Systems was founded in the year 2014 and since then Ashish has delivered impeccable business solutions for endless clients, building a long-lasting relationship. Ashish’s expertise in the field of software development, web applications, web services, CRM and innovative business solutions gives him the unique ability to cater to the demands of diverse industry verticals. Apart from his vast knowledge of the technology industry, he is also highly proficient in high quality programing languages. Ashish’s field of expertise includes SugarCRM, SuiteCRM, JavaScript, HTML, CSS as well as MySQL, AJAX, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Apache. Over the years Ashish has developed the ability to deliver unparalleled and unmatched business solutions for his clients.

Ashish’s Role as Chief Technology Officer

Ashish has a keen eye for details and has the ability to read between the lines. Which gives him an edge over his counterparts and therefore he meets the business requirements of his clients with a great degree of authority and precision. Ashish is a perfectionist and believes in maintaining a certain standard from the initiation to the execution of implementing CRM systems. His unique inputs result in the growth and rise of his clients and increase profit margins and generates huge revenue. Ashish analyses the scope of development and delivers highly proficient business solutions. Working with a team of experts, who are highly professional and ethical.

Ashish’s Personality and Work Ethic

Fluency in both Hindi and English gives Ashish the ability to communicate flawlessly with eloquence and grace. Ashish pays attention to even the most minute of details and has the ability to transform any catastrophe into an opportunity. Ashish is quite spontaneous and innovative in his approach and has the ability to put his point across with great ease and comfort. He also possesses a peculiar sense of humor, which makes even the most difficult times quite enjoyable. His team always enjoys working with him on a project and overcoming obstacles and reaching new grounds of growth and successes. Apart from his exceptional ability to communicate his ideas, Ashish also is a highly ethical and professional individual with an attitude of determination and dedication. He believes in persistent pursuit of excellence regardless of the hurdles and the obstacles that might come in his path. By accessing his vast reservoir of knowledge and information Ashish over the years has developed a unique ability to deliver highly innovative and state of the art solutions Building a firm and enriched relationships with his clientele. Ashish is also open to constructive criticism, in fact he quite appreciates when a team member or a client has a contrary opinion and is not afraid of expressing his or her ideas. Ashish has gained huge fame and reputation in the technology industry because of his strong work ethics and morals by which he abides and never deviates from regardless of the trials and tribulations. Ashish has the habit of dedicating himself wholly and solely to a project and give utmost and undivided attention to the project he works on. Ashish is highly passionate and motivated and has an insatiable appetite for excellence.

Ashish: Expert and Leader

Ashish is a leader and leads from the front not only that, he also has an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the world of technology. He understands all dimensions of a business operation and he also possesses the ability to predict the outcome of any endeavor and can also turn failure into success. Ashish has a quiet and calm demeanor and believes in letting his work do all the talking for him. He relentlessly strives to achieve his goals and works zealously with his team of experts to reach new horizons. Ashish is a proud CTO for Outright Systems and this pride comes from the firm foundation that he has laid down and intends to build on in the future. Ashish also believes in creating a friendly as well as a professional environment to work. So that every project becomes and adventurous journey which brings fond memories to remember for years to come.