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Last Updated: July 1, 2024

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TIME’s Strategic Content Partnership with ChatGPT


TIME and OpenAI have entered into a multi-year partnership to integrate TIME’s journalism archives into OpenAI products like ChatGPT.

This collaboration grants OpenAI access to 101 years of TIME’s content that will enhance its responses to user queries with proper citations. The partnership supports the mission of TIME to deliver trusted information globally through innovative technology.

In return for the partnership, TIME will utilize OpenAI’s technology to develop new products and provide feedback to refine journalism delivery within AI tools. This initiative aims to expand access to accurate news and enhance the future of the news experiences.

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Now Analyze the Checklist of ChatGPT-4’s Mistake with ChatGPT

ChatGPT-4'S Mistake

OpenAI has developed CriticGPT based on the ChatGPT-4 model to identify errors in ChatGPT’s code outputs. CriticGPT improves human trainers’ accuracy in spotting mistakes during Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF) 60% of the time.

The integration of CriticGPT into the RLHF pipeline provides explicit AI assistance to enhance the evaluation of advanced AI systems.

This addresses the challenge of identifying subtle inaccuracies in increasingly knowledgeable models to make it easier for trainers and to rate ChatGPT’s responses, along with improving the overall model alignment. CriticGPT’s critiques aim to enhance the reliability and accuracy of AI-generated content.

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Let’s take a look at Synthesia’s upcoming features and innovations

Let’s take a look at Synthesia’s upcoming features and innovations

Synthesia has launched innovative features for its AI video communications platform that will allow businesses to create text-to-video content.

These new updates include Expressive Avatars that show complex emotions and a Multilingual Video Player for language-specific playback, Live Collaboration tools, and an AI Video Assistant for brand-aligned content creation.

Enhancements also feature Dialogue with multiple avatars and an AI Screen Recorder for synchronized screen and voice capture. The upcoming developments promise personal digital twins, interactive video elements, and advanced AI Avatars with realistic full-body motions. Consequently, users can now create and explore Synthesia’s offerings with over 160 avatars in 130+ languages.

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Scientists and Developers Now Have Access to the Gemma 2 Beta

Gemma 2

Now, you are allowed to use Gemma 2 for your development progress, since Gemma 2 is now available for research and development through free access on Kaggle or via a free tier for Colab notebooks.

The New Google Cloud customers can receive $300 in credits. Additionally, the academic researchers can apply to the Gemma 2 Academic Research Program for Google Cloud credits to enhance their research projects.

This program aims to facilitate advanced research using Gemma 2’s capabilities. Moreover, Applications for the academic program are currently open and will be accepted until August 9. This initiative provides an opportunity for researchers to leverage cutting-edge AI tools without financial barriers.

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