Weekly Tech News of May First Week 2024

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Last Updated: May 6, 2024

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GPT-2 Chatbot at LMSYS, Rumour or Truth, Even the Origin and Creators Remains Unknown


A mysterious AI chatbot named GPT-2 Chatbot appeared on LMSYS Org, a competitor of OpenAI’s GPT-4. Chatbot that has vanished after gaining attention and attributes of high traffic. Online communities speculated wildly about its origin, capabilities, and potential creator, leading to anticipation for its future releases and unveiling.

Might discover innovative functionalities that users eagerly awaited. The AI Model will bring broader release for further exploration.

Phoenix Generation 7, the outcome of Sanctuary AI and Microsoft Collaboration

Meet Phoenix

The collaboration of Sanctuary AI and the Microsoft platform will introduce you to a new leap in the AI robotics series, Phoenix Generation 7. The new lease will bring innovative functionalities into the robotics universe such as human-like motion, uptime, task automation, speed enhancement, sensory features, faster build times, and so on. Moreover, Phoenix Generation 7, will meet you with humanoid robotic features.

Microsoft Azure Appears in the Competition of Sophisticated Conversational AI Bot Services

Azure AI Bot

Now, Azure is in competition of sophisticated AI bot services where Azure has built enterprise-grade conversational AI bots using the Power of Virtual Agents & its integrated development environment. Fusion teams are collaboratively creating bots with varying expertise levels 7 services that support multiple languages.

Furthermore, supports channels for broad engagement across platforms like websites, mobile apps, and social media. Whereas, the general audience will get the assistance of multilingual functionality, multi-channel engagement, collaborative development, & Power Virtual Agent Integration.

Apple has taken part in Open(ELM) Creation, Open Efficient Language Model


OpenELM introduces an open language model that provides a complete framework for training and evaluation on public datasets, supporting inference and fine-tuning on Apple devices via MLX library conversion.

The one that offers transparency and reproducibility significance for trustworthy research and investigating biases including the parameter allocation of a few pre-training tokens to enhance accuracy.

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