Ubuntu Best Practices For Common Issues or Sudden Slow down!

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Last Updated: February 2, 2022

1 minute

Lot of time we are facing some common issues in ubuntu like sudden sites load slow. We tried lots of commands to overcome the issue but nothing worked for us and also checked the LOG files to figure out the issue but it’s time killing, without any luck!!

Try 5 simple steps to overcome the problem in less than one minute.

  1. Restart Apache
  2. Machine Soft Reboot
  3. Machine Hard Reboot
  4. Machine Manual Restart
  5. Update repositories 

First, become root user with this command

1.Restart Apache/MySQL Service

Open the terminal  and run the below commands

service apache2 restart 

service mysql restart

The problem will resolve if it occurs because of the Apache server. 

2. Machine Soft Reboot

Open the terminal  and run the below commands


The above command soft reboot the machine and trying to fix the issues

3. Machine Hard Reboot

Login in the cloud server (LIKE Cloud ) and go to the machine and click on reboot options for hard machine reboot

4. Machine Manual Restart

A manual restart is also rebooting but we will first stop the current machine then minimum wait for 30 seconds and then again start the machine. 

5. Upgrade the Ubuntu

Many times we got the issue because we have not upgraded the Ubuntu weekly and we have used the older updates.

Run below commands

sudo su apt-get update
sudo su apt-get upgrade

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