SuiteCRM Debugging, Testing and Print SQL Queries. Extension Developed by Outright Systems

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Last Updated: January 31, 2022

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What is Debugging, what is it’s role in Web development?

Debugging, in web development, is a process that involves developers and QA to identifying an issue, which helps in fixing issues and bugs quickly.

Additionally, a solid debugger extension logs any of the health issues which may cause a future problem or which can make application unstable.

Highlevel Overview:

Each of Product available at our Store comes with a seperate debugger module, which makes each product additional information of its usage. Which keeps us make a better understanding of the product and quickly fixing issues if any.

Key Features:

1- Default status is off , that means, it will not log anything until not started.

2- One click to start debugger.

3- One click to stop again.

4- Limit of log , that means automatically flush after limit crosses, so no more cleaning required.

5- Auto Increment Serialise, each new log entry will have next serial number, which helps in sorting to find latest entries.

6- Usage of default name + description field , so it’s a basic module.

7- One click to flush whole log.

8- One simple function to log entry ie outright_error_log()

9- To log just seperate string with double colon (::) e.g. outright_error_log(“log me in name: My logged description ”,’outr_debugger’), above code if the logger is on \, will make a new entry in Outr_debugger module.


For setting Limits of records, just find a record named “Settings”, edit it and set your limit.

Record Limit

Each Product launched after deep testing by QA team, however sometimes Once you purchased a new product from our Store, and it is not working as expected, Here you may go and start debugging. It will give you some messages about it, which will help you to understand what is going wrong.

We will ask snapshot of those logged messages for our understandings.

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