CRM MAilChimp Integration

Scheduler based SuiteCRM and MailChimp Integration

By Abhishek Sharma
2 minutes

Our extension provides Live Sync between both applications, but in case you need specific things like only targeted records ( records under any target list), the user needs to opt for Scheduler-based sync.

mailchimp integration scheduler

Save All tags (From MailChimp to CRM)

Explanation: If you created/updated any tag from Mailchimp, this job will update it in CRM.

Active Condition: If you created/updated any existing tag.

CRM to Mailchimp (Target Lists only)

Explanation:  This job sync target lists from CRM to MailChimp only.

Active Condition: This job activate CRM

First sync from CRM to Mailchimp (Based on Module)

Explanation: This is for the first time sync. It will sync the targeted CRM module to Mailchimp.

Active Condition: First-time synchronization

Outright Sync Campaign Email status

Explanation: If you would like to sync the campaign status in CRM then you have this job.

Active Condition: For syncing email campaign status

Outright Sync Subscriber

Explanation: Turn on this job for syncing subscriber list between CRM and Mailchimp

Active Condition: Sync Subscriber

Outright Sync Target Lists From MailChimp

Explanation: This cron job is from syncing target list from Mailchimp to CRM

Active Condition: Mailchimp to CRM (Target lists only)

More about SuiteCRM Mailchimp Integration

We have SuiteCRM and Mailchimp Integration plugin in two versions i.e. Lite and Premium. The lite version has more conservative features and is suitable for those users who have one Mailchimp account. In the lite version, the user will be able to sync all pre-built Mailchimp and SuiteCRM modules bi-directionally. However, if you’re looking for advanced features then Premium will be more suited to you.

Now, let’s have a look at the enhanced functionalities of the Premium version. First of all, you can syne multiple Mailchimp accounts to SuiteCRM and on top of that, you can assign each Mailchimp account to a particular SuiteCRM Module. If you opt for the Premium version, then you will be able to sync custom fields as well.

Free Trial and Pricing of SuiteCRM and Mailchimp Integration

Both of our plugins i.e. Lite and Premium versions are available for a 3-day risk-free trial. In this trial period, you can check out all the functionalities by using the real Mailchimp account. Up until the end of the trial period, you won’t be charged anything at all.

The Lite version of SuiteCRM and Mailchimp Integration plugin will cost you $399 only and the price of the premium version is $499 only.

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