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  • Invalid and Duplicate domain detection automatically

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Vhost builderHow many times have you searched on Google, “How to create a virtual host” and still not get the right and easy answer? I believe even if you got the answer from the internet, it will either be time-consuming, not straightforward, or incorrect whatsoever. The rate of this problem increases exponentially when the number of vhost (subdomain) reaches near hundred and more. To solve this problem, once and for all, we have developed a product called vhost Automation and its capabilities are boundless.

Features of vhost Automation

  • Automatic Bulk Installation: This tool enables you to create multiple virtual hosts (domains) within a matter of minutes. And for this process, you won’t even need to run a single line command whatsoever. Just insert all domains and the rest of the work will be done automatically.
  • Manual installation: This tool also gives the option to manually install the virtual host. For just, you just need to follow 3 steps only, and in under a minute, your domain will be up and running.
  • SSL or HTTPS enabled: All domains created via this tool will be SSL-certified or HTTPS enabled. And for this, you don’t need to perform any additional steps or pay a penny extra.
  • Easy One-Click Uninstall: Not just installation but we have also taken care of the uninstallation process. To uninstall any domain, you just need to click on the uninstall button.
  • Get notified in email inbox: As soon as a new virtual host (domain) gets created or uninstalled, you will get a notification on the registered email address.
  • Auto-Detect & Skip Invalid and Duplicate Domains: Before start creating the virtual hosts, our tool picks out the invalid domains, duplicate domains, and domains that are not connected to the DNS. Only valid domains will proceed so there is no roadblock during the bulk operation.
  • Automatically Creates website folders: In addition, to live and active domains, this tool also creates folders for all domains. And the name of the folder is the same as the website’s name.
  • Check installed domain history: There is a section called History where you can check when the domain was created, from which IP address it was created, and the link to uninstall it.
  • Operation without load: 4 vhosts will be created per minute which means your machine will not be overloaded during the operation.
  • Apache logs: You also get the apache log where you can check the error that may have occurred.
  • Default web root directory: While creating a vhost through automation we use the default path (/var/www/Html). You can change this to any desired path you want.

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