Some special CRM Events and Conferences to attend in 2020

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Last Updated: December 21, 2023

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The year 2020 has already begun but not like what we expected. We all know the current situation everywhere as COVID-19 has ruined the whole world and no wonder when this Coronavirus is going to end forever. If you have read our previous blog regarding Coronavirus, we have mentioned about some of the big events that were happening this year in 2020. Unfortunately, they were cancelled and no idea on which month it will happen. Today we wrote this blog just to remind you that Customer Relationship Management (CRM) also conducts various big events and conferences every year. Numerous people attend the CRM conference just to know what the new changes or new technology have been built-up. Of course, it is important for every user whose business runs via CRM software only.

Do you have any idea about any event of this year regarding CRM software? Two months ago one event was cancelled because of COVID-19 and no idea about the future whether the rest of the events will be conducted or not. Nevertheless, we believe that sharing information about CRM events right now is a good idea. We will see later on whether this Coronavirus will stop or not. We have uncovered some events below,

OutBound 2020
Date -: 11-14th August 2020
Venue -: Atlanta,GA

The first CRM event which we are going to highlight is OutBound 2020 which has been scheduled in the month of August from 11th to 14th 2020. The main objective to conduct this event is regarding the sales prospective, pipeline and about the organization’s productivity. We guess most of the entrepreneurs need to attend this event to know more about hiking up business growth and make a new connection for your business activity. This event can be special for most of you as you get to know very crucial details about the sales business. The place where the event has been scheduled in Atlanta, GA. The well-known Sales speakers and influential authors are ready to share their guidance for you all. But the question is- This event will be conducted or COVID-19 spoils your business strategy? Well, we will see later on.

Date -: 18-21st August 2020
Venue -: Boston, MA

Connect with one of the most talented leaders who know each concept of CRM software and are ready to share a few words to strengthen your business forever. This CRM conference is going to be held in Boston, MA and the date of this event starts from 18th August 2020 to 21 August 2020. Well, we must say that the event has been conducted especially for the Product Managers, the creative Marketers and for the start-up founders. You will meet-up with the people who have big names in this industry as they are ready to share their best pieces of advice to change the future and every person easily reaches towards their goal.

Date -: 8-9th October 2020
Venue -: New York, NY

Okay, so the full form of this event is the International Conference Customer Relationship Management Systems and Technologies (ICCRMST) which has set its location and is going to be conducted in the month of October 2020. The event is of two-days and starts from 8th October and will end on 9th October 2020. The main goal to conduct this CRM conference is to bring academic scientists, researchers and also research scholars that will share their big experience and objective of Customer Relationship Management and Technologies. Most of you like to parse the knowledge of innovative trends going on these days. Well, that would be easy for you and you can make a good connection with other people. The event is going to be held in New York, NY.

Sales 3.0 Conference
Date -: 13-14th October 2020
Venue -: Las Vegas, NV

Some of the greatest companies are going to come in the event of the Sales 3.0 Conference and those companies were Adobe, Microsoft, Marketo, MasterCard, Samsung and there were hundreds more that are ready to attend this event. Hope the Coronavirus will end soon. This Customer Relationship Management conference can raise up the chance to boost up your community and make a new network to reinforce your organization in today’s time. The event is going to happen in October from 13th to 14th. The location of this event for you is Las Vegas, NV.

CRMC 2020
Date -: 28-30th October 2020
Venue -: Chicago, IL

We guess Retail business entrepreneurs are paying attention here as this event is for you all which is going to conduct in the October month from 28th to 30th. The location of this event in Chicago, IL as the attendees will grab good information for their business. This CRM Event basically provides to all the people- 18 focused and curated retail case studies, the discussion will be conducted, workshop and you have a stellar chance for networking opportunities with the special retail marketing executives. You can meet up with companies like ANN Inc, CB2, Cosmetics and many more will be there for your assistance.

Digital Sales and Marketing World 2020
Date -: 30th November -2nd December 2020
Venue -: Hartford, CT

Those who are running their business of digital sales must read out about this event. The event is conducted at the end of this year from November 30 to December 2nd 2020. Get the best details and some exceptional strategies for your digital sales and Marketing. This CRM Conference can bring a vast change in your digital world business. We researched and got to know that Marcus Sheridan will start the open workshop and some experts can train you what criteria to follow for your business. From content marketing to video strategy, everything will be shared, so that your business stands strong in the future. The location of the event of this digital sale is in Hartford, CT.


Such a great event is ready to boom the market with their special strategy but the situation is quite critical just because of COVID-19 which can cancel various big events in the United States, Spain and in many countries. Do you think that the CRM Conference that we have shared above can happen? No idea because we don’t know when this Coronavirus will stop taking the lives of people and ruining organizations. We can wait for the coming months when the event has scheduled and hope the COVID-19 will end soon. Above are some special Customer Relationship Management conferences of this year, read out each point that we have jotted down and don’t forget to remember the date and location too.

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