10 Common Marketing Automation Myths to Know

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October 13, 2022

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You all said to everyone to not to trust anyone easily in business. But in real life, you are running your business and believe in the myths of some of the criteria. This is true and today we decided to expound on the marketing automation myths where your eyeballs should be there first. And to not to judge myths too easily. Let’s make a fresh start-

In the growing pace of technology, everyone knows about the term automation which assists you to automate your repetitive task to save your countless hours in business activities. As Marketing Automation is a great concept that not only helps to uplifts your business but also gives a suitable feature to enrich your experience.

Around 35.2% of the respondents said that they are utilizing marketing automation in their activity. 55% of e-commerce marketers operate marketing automation software in their business. And 27% of the companies rated marketing automation as effective for business development. 

We researched and got to know that 63% of marketers soon raising up their budget for marketing automation. Around 40% marketers are looking to adapt this marketing automation platform. Let us inform you of the last year’s statistics that this industry was worth $6.1 billion USD.  The best part is 480,000 websites are currently operating this platform. This platform improves the campaign measure capability at least 28%. 

Those who don’t have any idea about marketing automation we are shocked that how you are running your business on a positive path. No need to keep every information in mind like leads, crucial information, etc. This platform can present the information of every day without any hassle. Nevertheless, there are still some marketing automation myths that can spoil this platform image if we don’t pay attention soon. Let’s go ahead and understand what points to remember-

Important marketing automation myths you need to understand

What is the truth behind the myths of marketing automation? If you have raised this question in your mind then let us expound some details below-

  • Automatic messages sending is the only work

Marketing automation enables you to send messages to prospects from social media or from your email. Only this task it can do for your organization? A big no because this superior platform is not only for this task as it can collect the information of your prospects where you can turn them into loyal customers. 

Just one similar message sending is not the job of this platform as here no need to repeat the content of your mail relentlessly. Moreover, you get the signals that what your visitors want to know. 80% of marketers said that their leads are increasing because of this technology of automation in marketing. And 77% of conversion rate increases too. 

Automatic messages
  • Your work is finish when you have Marketing automation

Marketing Automation is always a big platform as you have read out in the previous blog regarding CRM as it always works better and gives you the best result-driven solutions. 

If expecting life is always easier every day then just burn this thought from your mind because it is not true. You set the tool and it will track the campaign but that doesn’t mean your work is finished. You are running your marketing business so you need to pay attention to which campaign is better working or which one not.

Furthermore, it’s important for you to collect the data for the objective of the target audience. 20% of business productivity will hike up with this technology. And 80% of marketers credit automation marketing for their business success. 

  • This automation platform is only for Email

You already get aware of the importance of Email Marketing these days as every venture starts its work by sending email to customers. But if we talk about the marketing automation then most of you thought that only through email it will catch-up or alert customers. 

This is one of the biggest marketing automation myths which you need to bear in mind that automation marketing is not only for email. Don’t just depend on the email marketing here as you can get engaged with your customers from many other platforms like social media, web, text, etc. You web traffic will increase up to 23.3% via automation marketing technology. Also, 45.9% customer experience will improve when you have this platform. 

campaign performance
  • Big ventures can work on marketing automation

It’s not about small or big business if you have set your goals and are ready to invest to earn the fruit of investment then go for it. Some of you heard that marketing automation strategy is only applicable for those who are running their large scale organization which is absolutely false news. 

You can invest in this platform if you are running your small business as you can build up marketing campaign workflow easily by learning from SuiteCRM Marketing automation service. You can try from the free trial basis to understand and get a piece of knowledge that you need.

  • Stay in one single marketing tactics

You have set numerous marketing tactics to achieve your goals but if it fails or gets broken then what will you do? Many of you get to know that there is no need to change just  stay on the same. If you are pondering till now then change tactics where you need to fix those tactics at any cost. 

You have several competitors in your market then how will you beat them if you don’t go on an advanced level. Operate now some exceptional marketing software that has stellar functionality to enhance your experience and be good for your business. If looking to increase marketing ROI then it will hile up around 41% with the assistance of this software. 

marketing ROI
  • It’s only role is to hike up marketing

How can you accept such kinds of marketing automation myths? The name starts with marketing but that doesn’t mean that it plays a key role only to increase your marketing business activity. This marketing automation also opens up the door of success regarding your sales activity. 

This platform presents the leads, works on those leads, nurtures them and turns them into your forever customer who always deals with you. Thanks to marketing automation great features to do so as you can learn more about it’s service from SugarCRM marketing automation

  • No more marketing automation when a sale is closed

An absolutely wrong myth where you need to get back on the track and stop thinking about it. The automation of marketing is not just for closing sales as you can do something for your business by presenting great opportunities like we can share cross-sell, upsells and many more.58% of the professional marketers use this platform to upsell products.  

Good to know about this! How about creating up the post-sale workflow? Get a chance to work on that where it provides you a great opportunity to stay attached with your organization and in-depth you can check upcoming sales and discounts for your business.30% of your crucial time will be saved while working on this technology. And 28% of database quality will hike up with this platform. . 

Post sale workflow
  • The automation marketing platform is SPAM

When your campaign is irrelevant for your customers that you send them then it goes to SPAM and if it doesn’t work like you wanted then you blame Marketing automation is SPAM. One of the marketing automation myths which is quite popular these days. 

Here there is no fault of this platform as you need to understand that before going to share any campaign, first check out what you are sending to them. Must understand what your customers are looking for and then share the relevant campaign to not spoil your business reputation. 

  • The process of marketing automation is complicated

Let us inform you that automation marketing platform is too simple and give you great benefits in the present and future. Don’t know many of you have spread this news that it is complicated. This is not actually true as if the team of your business doesn’t have the capability to work on this automation platform then no fret. You can set up email sequences quickly for your customers. 

Furthermore, newsletter, document download, etc may help you to implement as they are very effective and play a key role to get engaged with the customers. Start just with simple and understand swiftly when marketing automation is there to make your business activity stronger.

marketing automation
  • Hard to purchase marketing automation software

After reading out the functionality, in the end, everyone wants to know about the price that how much they have to pay for it. If someone told you that automation marketing is too expensive then please don’t believe that. We are adding this too on marketing automation myths. 

The offer is regarding the different organization needs, so no small business entrepreneur needs to stay worried. Anyone can purchase and anyone can invest in the automation marketing platform. Just be ready to earn some good amount as 32% of organizations earn a good profit while using automation marketing once a year properly. You can earn 40% profit if you use it for at least two-years. 

automation software

Wrap it up

It’s very easy for anyone to spread fake information  about any platform or software but keeping aware the users about that correctly is hard. Marketing automation is one of the platforms that everyone has added it on their priority list where they can expect that their business can stand strong and give reliable results only because of it. But it’s quite shocking to know the myths of marketing automation. Well, no need to worry now as we shared the truth behind marketing automation above. We have uncovered a list of marketing automation myths that can help you to understand what is the false news that spreads and what is the real truth. Share with your business employee’s to tell them how dominant automation marketing is in today’s time.

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