CRM For Higher Education: Manage Your Alumnus & Upsurge your Admission Rate

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Last Updated: January 14, 2024

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CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is the technology or system that assists institutes in managing their relationship with alumni, staff, faculty, corporate partners, and students. CRM for higher education not only helps in managing relationships but also contributes to manipulating tasks & other activities by converting them into skillful automated operations.

Customer Relationship Management software has the ability to have a 360-degree view of alumni or leads across multiple platforms. The inbuilt payment & financing platform, analytics engine, & other tools of CRM can save you precious time by converting your tedious activities into automated & bulk performance.

To have a deep understanding of CRM for higher education, let me walk you through the main content of this article.

Benefits of CRM For Higher Education 

Now, let me walk you through the content that will reveal to you “what benefits you can take from CRM software in your institutes, colleges, and coaching centers”. Hence, let’s check them all out.

Streamlined Admissions and Enrollment:

The CRM system helps you to automate your admission and enrollment process, makes you free from manual performance & saves you time as well. It not only helps faculty and staff but also assists students by making their admission enrolling and applying process easier.

Integration with Other Systems:

As we’ve already let you know CRM systems offer the feature of integration through which you can simply integrate your CRM with other software applications. The CRM integration process includes the learning management system, financial systems, educational systems, and other communication platforms.
This will help you streamline the data-sharing process along with contributing to improving efficiency.

Unified view of Constituent information:

From capturing a lead across multiple platforms to the completion of the journey of staff, students, alumni, faculty, & corporate partners CRM plays a vital role. Because CRM is an integrated solution, it captures data of all mentioned persons & keeps them safe in a single space by separating them into categories.

Enhance faculty and Staff:

The customer Relationship Management system also helps enhance the performance of faculty and staff of higher education institutions by improving academic advising and counseling the students. Moreover, CRM for higher education also assists in enhancing & automating the performance of recruitment of students, & contributes to ensuring the development of institutes, & coaching centers.

Enrich Students’ Engagement:

CRM system is the solution through which colleges & universities can interact with their students in a more personal way & allow them to foster stronger relationships & engagement. This will help colleges, universities, coaching centers, and more to increase student satisfaction and retention rates.

Personalized Communication:

CRM for higher education software enables institutions and universities to communicate with their students personally especially when it comes to the recruitment and onboarding process. Besides this, CRM is also practical in providing extra support to students and alumni throughout their academic journey.

Targeted Marketing:

If you’re thinking of segmentation & targeting student or alumni groups for marketing campaigns then you can go for a CRM system since it is very practical for this. Furthermore, to improve your outreach process’s efficiency & effectiveness, CRM is a go-to choice.

Analytics and Reporting:

CRM systems provide robust analytics and reporting tools, allowing institutions to assess the success of their programs, recruitment strategies, and student engagement efforts.

Automate Daily-Routine Activities:

To run an organization you have to perform a lot of tedious and routine administrative tasks like sending reminders, tracking alumni’s performance, notifications, strategic activities, & more.
For this CRM is a first choice, this is because CRM can execute your all manual and repetitive tasks automatically and in bulk. Additionally, it can free your staff from all of these and let them focus on other significant and result-driven activities.

Multi-Channel Communication:

CRM for higher education also offers the features of integration with social platforms. That means you are allowed to synchronize your CRM system with any other application and make both applications’ functionality bi-directional.
By doing this, you can facilitate your entire communication through various channels including social media, cloud-based applications, and even mobile apps. It’ll help you in catching and attracting the students from there, where they are most active.

How to choose an ideal CRM for Higher Education?

Before paying for a CRM solution you must be aware of all the criteria that you need to know before you make the payment for a CRM solution. So, here we’ll cover all the points that will help you to choose the best solution.

Define Your Objectives:

Before implementing a CRM solution in your institute and college you need to identify your specific goals and objectives. The objective of your audience will clarify, which age of people you have to target, at which social media platforms you need to reach more & more.
Doing this with the help of CRM for higher education, you can enhance your student engagement, increase enrollment, streamline administrative processes, improve alumni relations, & so on.
So, you should figure out your audience since understanding your objectives will give you a proper guide in the context of selecting the right CRM solutions.

Conduct a Needs Assessment:

For better management & more amazing customer experience, you’ve to conduct a need assessment for which you need to determine the specific needs of your institution. For this, you must consult with various departments, including admissions, student services, marketing, & alumni relations handling departments. This will help you to identify the features and capabilities your team requires in your CRM system.

Budget Considerations:

For capturing one and all CRM software for your various business requirements you must be sure about your budget list first. In addition to this, you have to not only include the initial costs but also have to count the ongoing expenses, including licensing, implementation, training, & support. Additionally, you’ve to make sure that your budget is aligned with your institution’s financial capabilities.

Research CRM Options:

To have the best CRM solution for your business operation you need to research CRM systems that are well-suited for higher education. The tag of best CRM for higher education involves Salesforce, Ellucian, Slate, and others. Look for industry-specific CRM solutions that offer features tailored to the needs of higher education.

Features and Customization:

Before bringing out the best and most tailored CRM system in your business operation, you need to assess the features & customization options offered by each CRM. Additionally, you need to ensure that the CRM you’re selecting can address your institution’s specific needs like admissions management, student engagement, alumni relations & more.

Integration Capabilities:

You must check that the selected CRM is integrated with all the applications that you operate for your institution’s uses. The variety of integration must include learning management systems (LMS), financial software, email platforms, and student information systems.


You also need to check out the scalability of the Customer Relationship management solution. That means your CRM must scale the growth of your institution. For this, you need to check that your specific CRM must be able to accommodate an increasing number of students, faculty, and alumni without major disruptions.

Data Security and Compliance:

For a better experience, you need to evaluate the data security features & compliance with data protection regulations like FERPA (Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act) in your CRM. This is because protecting student and alumni data is an essential aspect of every higher educational institution.

Check References:

You can also contact other higher education institutions that have implemented CRM for higher education in their own operation. This will give you a better consideration & also assist in learning about their experiences & satisfaction with the software.

Evaluate Total Cost of Ownership:

Capturing a CRM system just by checking out its initial or outer pricing is not enough. You need to consider the total cost of ownership over the long term of that specific CRM solution. Not only to factor in the initial purchase cost but also to check out the ongoing expenses.

CRM for Higher Education: Top 5 Collections to Upsurge Your Performance

Top 5 Collections to Upsurge your Performance

The web is full of automated CRM but you’ve to consider the one that can tailor to your business needs, pocket, organization’s size, & other requirements. In addition to this, we’ve analyzed some of the top solutions among all that are present on the internet. Hence, let me tell you about all of them deeply.

Salesforce CRM: 

Salesforce CRM is the one that offers highly customizable functionalities with specific solutions that can simply be tailored to your educational needs.
It provides features for admissions, student success, alumni engagement, fundraising, and more. Additionally, it is most popular for its flexibility and scalability.

Ellucian CRM: 

When institutes look for CRM for higher education then Ellucian is the eminent solution to upsurge the functioning and goodwill of their institute, college, and university since it provides incredible features. It offers a suite of higher education that mainly focuses on software solutions, including CRM systems.
As a consequence, the CRM system features manage student recruitment, enrollment management, student services, and alumni relations. Ellucian is one of the top solutions for higher education since it has extensive experience in serving educational buildings.

Slate CRM by Technolutions: 

Slate is a popular CRM designed for the enrollment management of students as well as for manipulating their engagement. It allows you to automate the admissions process, marketing, communication, streamline the recruitment process, and improve engagement with prospective students by providing customizable tools.

Blackbaud CRM: 

Blackbaud is the solution that is used for both, CRM for higher education together with for nonprofit organizations which mainly focus on fundraising & engagement with alumni.
The industry-leading fundraising, analytics, and multichannel marketing have made Blackbaud CRM a go-to choice for all institutions looking to enhance their development and fundraising efforts. Blackbaud CRM software application also provides constituent relationship management tools.

CampusNexus CRMt: 

CampusNexus is an across-the-board student information software system that offers bottomless features for higher education. The feature list of this CRM includes admissions procedures, student services, academic records, alumni management, and so on. The most attractive feature of this CRM is that it offers robust integration capabilities and a centralized platform for managing student data as well.

In Summary:

CRM for higher education plays an essential role since it will enhance your performance plus will assist you in automating your manual tasks. This article reveals to you on importance of CRM for higher education, ways to choose the right CRM for your university along with top 5 CRM software applications. Hence, without having the bootless errand, let’s move toward the foremost content.

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