Weekly Tech News of May 2nd Week 2024

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Last Updated: May 10, 2024

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Model Spec” is a new tool from OpenAI that explores optimal AI behavior

The company that created ChatGPT, OpenAI, has released a draft of guidelines called the “Model Spec,” which outlines the default goals and principles that AI models should adhere to to help developers and end users, advance mankind, and promote OpenAI.

Model Spec examines how chatbots could react to users to produce safe outcomes that do not break the law, trick the AI system, or harm other people. These responses are categorized under both the potential benefits and drawbacks that AI systems potentially enable.

AlphaFold 3 | DeepMind’s Revolutionary AI Unlocks Secrets of Biomolecules, Accelerating Biological Research

Google Alpha Fold

Google DeepMind researchers have created an AI model called AlphaFold 3, which can predict the structure and interactions of biological molecules, such as proteins, DNA, and RNA, as well as tiny compounds that may have medicinal potential.

Through the AlphaFold service, Google DeepMind will make the model available for non-commercial use. The groundbreaking discovery, the specifics of which were released on May 8 in the journal Nature, is anticipated to significantly quicken biological research.

Perplexity AI Joins Voices with SoundHound, Raising $62.7M to Power Conversational AI Revolution

perplexity AI

The conversational AI answer engine Perplexity AI and voice artificial intelligence startup SoundHound AI have teamed to include Perplexity’s online LLM capabilities into SoundHound Chat AI.

Through this relationship, SoundHound Chat AI will be able to deliver precise, current answers to web-based queries that static LLMs are now unable to answer, and Perplexity AI will be able to expand voice assistant services to vehicles, TVs, and other IoT devices.

Perplexity AI has also raised $62.7 million in a new funding round, bringing its total value to more than $1 billion. The investment was led by Daniel Gross, the former director of AI at Y Combinator, and included new investors Stanley Druckenmiller, Garry Tan, the CEO of Y Combinator right now, and Dylan Field, the CEO of Figma. The fundraising round included participation from current investors Jeff Bezos, the creator of Amazon, Nat Friedman, Elad Gil, and Nvidia.

Amazon Q | The Most Advanced Generative AI-powered Assistant Revolutionizing Software Development And Business

Amazon Q

Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS) announced the launch of Amazon Q, the most advanced generative AI-powered assistant for utilizing internal company data and speeding up software development. Three versions of the chatbot are offered: Amazon Q apps, Amazon Q for enterprises, and Amazon Q for developers.

When compared to competitors Microsoft and Google, Amazon Q and AWS’ generative AI stack offer significant market differentiations, according to the company’s worldwide partner leader.

More than 40 pre-built connectors for widely used data sources and business platforms, such as Google Drive, Microsoft SharePoint, Salesforce, ServiceNow, Slack, and Amazon S3, are available to AWS users with Amazon Q.

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