Top 5 Websites For Technology Guest Posts In 2024

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Last Updated: July 5, 2024

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Guest posting is very effective for brand establishment, for conveying important information, and for the target audience enlargement. It maps out the ideals that are important for any technophile to consider when searching for the right platforms to contribute to is crucial.

Below is the list of 5 websites where you can successfully guest post and reach out to a technology-loving audience.

 1. OutrightCRM

 OutrightCRM. com is among the most prominent sites specializing in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. The website has the facility of articles, guides, and case studies enabling the user to understand CRM technologies and strategies.
Guest posting on presents a great chance to enlighten the audience on the topic of CRM systems, artificial intelligence, automation, IoT, Machine learning, and other tech-related topics.

2. OutrightSystems

 This website concentrates on more extensive IT options such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Artificial intelligence, IoT, CMS, Digital Marketing, Machine learning  Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and other business-level software solutions.

This website will be perfect for readers who have an interest in exploring a particular solution and innovation commonly used in the tech industry. By contributing to OutrightSystems. If you post your topic on the you can get traffic from IT professionals related to enterprise software and system integrations as well as IT consultancies. The site has become well popular for its high-quality content and examinations, which are perfect for the presentation of your technical skills and ideas.

3. TechCrunch 

 TechCrunch is one of the most famous brands in the world of technology, offering up-to-date news and reviews, comments, and discussions on technological start-ups and new products. 

When you participate as a guest contributor to the website, you will reach out to the large number of viewers present with TechCrunch to express your thoughts regarding new technologies, new startups, and new developments. 

Since TechCrunch posts articles on new technologies, business angels, and leaders who are actively engaged in this sphere, it will be a great benefit to your brand.

4. Mashable Tech 

 Mashable Tech is one of the successful sections of Mashable which is an international multipurpose media site that provides readers with easily shareable content. The Tech section is based on technologies that deal with gadgets, software, and the internet world. 

A special advantage of guest posting on Mashable Tech is that it enables a guest blogger to cover a lot of the readership, which comprises both the technology audience and the mass public. 

Due to the orientation to both storytelling and comparatively simple topics, this platform is perfect for writers who can explain tech topics to ordinary people and make them interesting.

 5. ReadWrite 

 Another well-known blog that consists of technology articles is ReadWrite, which concentrates on technology and its impact on culture. The info on the website encompasses the discussion of new directions in IoT, AI, blockchain, and others. 

ReadWrite is a blog where people can only come as guest contributors to let others know how many sectors and even people’s lives technology influences. It is also a good platform for sharing the vision or ideas for future technologies, products, and disruptions because the platform is platform offers certain preferences for optimistic approaches and solutions. 

It reaches out to an audience that is made up of tech specialists, businessmen, and other innovators in society.

 Why To Do Guest Post on These Platforms? 

  • Reach a Targeted Audience: These websites target readers who are interested in technology and related fields, so your articles will be read by the right audiences. 
  • Build Authority: Posting on such sites ensures that the information obtained is from credible sources and the publisher is considered an expert in the technology field. 
  • Drive Traffic: Guest blogging gained popularity because it helped websites or blogs get traffic from the guest authors and their followers. 

Network Opportunities: Participation in these platforms means getting possibilities to interact with other specialists in the field, prospects, and partners.


Doing it on the right sites can go a long way to making your voice well-heard in the tech league. Websites like OutrightCRM. com, OutrightSystems. org, TechCrunch, Mashable Tech, and ReadWrite are rather good ones thus giving you a perfect chance to share your experience and become a source of information for tech-savvy readers. 

Select a platform that is suitable for your area of interest and start sharing useful information with the technical community.

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