SugarCRM Professional Record Receiver

Automatically create records from Inbound emails, set target modules can be of your choice like Leads / Accounts

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SugarCRM Email to lead: Create Records with data parsing from Inbound Emails

SugarCRM Professional comes in-built, “Create cases from Inbound Email” feature. It works well but most users don’t want to pull them into Cases? Target module may be Leads / Contacts or any custom module?

Also, many businesses come with predefined templates/tokens for grabbing customer information from emails like support@. It needs then copy from email and put them manually each time into Leads etc.
It’s killing time and productivity. Here is a simple solution!!

SugarCRM Professional Record Receiver


“Email2Lead Plugin from outright”   will perform this for your SugarCRM professional or SuiteCRM.

All you need to configure, all of your settings inside our configure module and it will do that for you.

Here are the key features :

                1. Any module can be selected as destination/target to receive emails.

                2. Map your fields with predefined tokens, many fields can be set.

                3. Auto-assignment rules.

                4. Select the customer email address from “From address” or Email body.

                5. Notify to your choice of email or CRM user.

It will create the record automatically in any target module as per the selection.


User Guide

User Guide:-

1.Go to the Administration page and click on Record Receiver.

2.Click on “Create Record Receiver” to configure the setting.

3. Select the Group Inbound email for record receiver.

4. Select the mapper module to save the record like Lead.

5.Select the fields for mapping and create the “Aliases” for the fields.

6.Checked the body email checkbox if you want to create the lead from body email address and set the alias for the email address.

Note: If you are checking Body email mapper then must use the mapper because it is the mandatory Field.

7.Setup the assignment rule for the newly created record.

8.Setup the notification rule for the newly created record.

9.Click on save after configuring all settings.

10.Go to email and send the mail to the setup inbound email with all mapped fields.

11.Go to Scheduler and check the “Check Inbound Mailboxes” job, the scheduler must be working for this functionality.

12. Go to selected mapper module and observe that the new record will create with all information


NOTE: If you are using a free plugin and it works for you, please share your feedback and suggestions.


Please follow the below steps before installing the Record Receiver.
  1. Log in as an Administrator.
  2. Verify the SugarCRM version should be compatible with SuiteCRM Email to lead add-on.
  3. SugarCRM should have the Outright Pro utils, if not then install the OutrightPro Utils package first then install the Email to lead.
  4. You must have a Group Inbound account to configure the Email to lead.
  5. Cron Job must be set up in SugarCRM.

Installation Guide:-

  1. Go to the Administration page.
  2. Click on “Module Loader” to install the package.
3. Click on “Choose File” button and select the Record on “Upload” to upload the file in CRM and then click on the Install button.5.Again go to the Administration page and click on repair.6.Click on “Quick Repair and Rebuild” and click on execute button.

Configuration Guide:-

  1. Go to the Administration page.
  2. Click on the Inbound Email to configure the inbound email address.
3.Click on New Group Email Account, insert the all required information and checked Import emails Automatically.   4.Click on “Test Settings“, observe that “Connection completed successfully” should appear on Pop-up.NOTE: after installing each plugin, It is mandatory to repair and execute.


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Supported Versions 

SugarCRM Professional  (version 7.9.0 to 8.0.0)

SugarCRM Professional OnCloud (version 7.9.0 to 9.0.0)


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SugarCRM Professional Record ReceiverSugarCRM Professional Record Receiver
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